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Our Mission

The Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society (The Poly) is a thriving Falmouth based charity, promoting engagement in the arts, sciences and Cornish history through film, live events, exhibitions, lectures and workshops. The Poly’s roots are in artistic and technological innovation and local industry and it is based in an iconic listed building in the heart of the community. It is the proud guardian of locally, nationally and internationally significant collections of heritage archives and the works of Henry Scott Tuke.

Our Vision

To be Cornwall’s foremost state of the art venue and community hub providing exciting, inclusive and innovative entertainment, learning and development opportunities in the arts, sciences and history.

Our Priorities

  • •    to develop the Poly as a premier venue for entertainment, inspiration and education across the arts, sciences and local history.
  • •    to encourage and support artistic, creative and technological endeavour and innovation
  • •    to establish a centre of excellence to showcase the Poly’s collections, archives and support historical research
  • •    to contribute to the economic well-being of the area

To help us achieve our goals, we will:

  • •    refit and develop our building to create an accessible and inspiring space equipped with state of the art facilities
  • •    engage with local and visiting populations to maximize participation and footfall
  • •    collaborate with partners and community organisations

Our Guiding Principles

Respect and Tolerance – visitors, volunteers, staff and partners are treated with respect and courtesy at all times

Integrity and Governance – all legal obligations are fulfilled with integrity and transparency and best practice standards are met or exceeded

Sustainability – all projects, developments and practices are sustainable, minimizing the impact on the environment and carbon footprint

Financial Responsibility – our quality service meets the priorities of The Poly and the aims of its Vision and Mission whilst maintaining financial stability

Accessibility – we ensure our activities are accessible to all