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Spring Gallery

Friday 8th May - Saturday 30th May

Howard Spring

This exhibition celebrating  the life of Howard Spring has been curated by the Falmouth History Archive

Howard Spring was a bestselling author who spent much of his life in Falmouth and was chairman of the Royal Cornwall P
olytechnic Society from 1953-1962.  During his time, he had a major influence on the post war development and continued success of the RCPS.  This exhibition marks the 50th anniversary of his death, and celebrates the life and work of this influential author.


Spring Gallery

Monday 18th May - Monday 25th May

David Axtell – State of Play

State of Play is David’s fourth exhibition at the Poly. Featuring his familiar oil paintings, from postcard size to large canvas’s of both figurative, seascapes and abstract. His work has a vibrant spontaneity and elemental freedom of brushstroke, which forcefully captures the dramatic weather conditions prevalent around the Cornish coast.


Tuesday 9th June - Monday 15th June

Amen / Omen: Laura Menzies and Jim Carter

Laura Menzies and Jim Carter present a joint exhibition of painting and sculpture concerned with omens and their relationship with transformative processes.

Laura Menzies’ work operates as a personal register of marks formed from constructs of memory, emotion and indirect references to place. Her paintings  suggest a world that we all encounter visually or sensationally, and are imbued with a strong sense of time, depth and ambiguity.

Jim Carter is a sculptor working in wood and natural materials to explore relationships between human, animal and landscape.  Following completion of an MA in Art and Environment in 2013, his work has been linked to myth, alchemy and natural cycles of disintegration and renewal.



Spring Gallery

Sunday 14th June - Saturday 20th June

Paper, Paint and Clay

An exhibition of collage, sculpture, painting and ceramics.

SONIA BATEMAN makes sculptures of heads and figures in papier mache and for this show is producing a series entitled EARTH WOMEN. Her multi-layered and extensively worked collages recall weathered landscape and environmental decay.

JENNY WEBBE is an abstract painter working in oils on canvas also making small sculptures in papier mache. She has been working for many years in ceramics and has produced a new body of work for this exhibition

Spring Gallery

Monday 20th July - Monday 27th July

Show Me the Place – Mandy Farrar and Allan Brack

Celebrating their ten years in Cornwall!

Both following their dream of living a creative life, this exhibition of paintings, drawings, prints and cards, follows their passionate journey of art and recovery and their firm belief that ‘Art Saves Lives!’

Inspired by the sea, the natural world and the magical, their work explores the real, the ethereal and the abstract.

Allan works in pastel, wax crayon, pen and pencil, and Mandy in collage, acrylic and mixed media.

The exhibition also pays a special homage to the inspirational music and poetry of the great Leonard Cohen.