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Main Gallery

Tuesday 9th June - Monday 6th July

3D Printing Month

An introduction to an industrial revolution

Monday – Friday

Starting with a double lecture on Monday 8 June, the Poly will be hosting a month-long demonstration of 3D Printing capabilities. During the day (10am-5pm) there will be a variety of 3D printers on display in the Main Gallery, with specialists on hand to discuss the potential of this exciting new technology. Outside experts will come in to give lectures or display particular equipment. Demonstrations will include:

  • Advanced scanning techniques
  • 3D printed jewelry
  • A printed metal bicycle frame
  • Specialist printing technologies – in chocolate (relevant to the catering trade) or hard-wearing plastic composites (marine sector)
  • Software packages for 3D Design
  • Prosthetic limbs

This Demonstration has been arranged by 3D Kernow, a campaign led by Poly Trustee Louis Turner. This campaign is designed to alert the Falmouth/Penryn (and wider Cornish) communities to the potential of this new technology which will increasingly affect the nature of how things are made.

This Exhibition will interest

  • Artists – this is a new technique allowing radical new designs
  • Designers – this technology allows rapid prototyping
  • Educationalists – who need to build 3D skills into curricula
  • Executives (particularly from the marine and yachting sector) – 3D printing can save development time and materials usage, while allowing radically new designs
  • Hobbyists – there are entry level machines selling for under £250
  • General public – Falmouth and Penryn could become a major centre for this technology due to a relevant mix of expertise – marine/yachting, designers/artists and the Universities

Entry to the Exhibition is free, though there will a charge for talks and lectures.

Please register your interest by emailing your name, institutional affiliation (if relevant) and phone number to 3dk@aptn.org. Please indicate your general areas of interest (artistic, engineering, design etc) so that we can alert you to events which are particularly relevant to your interests.


Programme:   (Please check www.3dkernow.org for full details of the programme)

  • Monday, 8th June – 5pm: Lecture on the potential for industry and the design sector  (see Talks for full details)
  • Tuesday, 9th June – 10am – 5pm: Demonstrations of both printing and scanning
  • Wedneday, 10th June – 10am – 5pm: Demonstration of powerful scanners; 5pm: Lecture on advanced scanning techniques (see Talks).
  • Thursday, 11th June – 10am – 5pm: Falmouth University’s Makernow fab lab will be demonstrating
  • Friday, 12th June – 10am – 5pm: Falmouth University’s Makernow fab lab.
  • Monday, 15th June – 10am – 5pm Demonstration of the Empire/Renishaw 3D Printed metal bike frame: printing in metail explained. 5pm:  Lecture on the printed bike (see Talks)
  • Tuesday, 30th June: 10.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.  Come and see the world’s first commercially available choclate printer.

This Programme of activity is sponsored by

  • Cornish Industrial Trust
  • Knowledge Transfer Network
  • Cream Cornwall
  • Exeter University
  • Andrew Edmonds
  • Bill Radmore

With technical help from

  • Makernow
  • Measurement Solutions
  • Ultimaker

Sunday 28th June - Monday 6th July

Julia Crimmen & Jo Soar

Jo Soar

Using the ever changing Cornish hedgerows as inspiration, I wet felt colourful 3D vessels, bags and purses which are then embellished with crochet, hand stitch and needle felt.

Julia Crimmen 

In my garden studio in Porkellis, I hand throw and hand decorate jugs, mugs and bowls, taking my inspiration from  the birds and butterflies visiting my garden.  Hand made quirky and collectible porcelain animals have developed into a collection of 3D sculptures, which I am pleased to be showcasing.

Tuesday 30th June - Saturday 11th July

Earth to Ocean

Heather Frary, Sarah Trewhella & Noreen Todd

Tuesday, 30th  June – Monday 6th July – Earth

Monday 6th July – Saturday 11th July – Ocean

Heather , Sarah and Noreen present an independent exhibition of paintings and glass, having exhibited with the Glass Minds group at the Poly in 2014.

A brand new collection of Heather’s glasswork.

Known for her coastaI countryside themes, reflecting the creatures and pIaces that make her being sing, she is aIways tipping the baIance between ‘Earth and Ocean’

Noreen presents new and unseen glasswork.

Noreen continues to explore glass techniques, intermingled with her more usual sculptural and fused glass works, to give an eclectic presentation of new and unseen works within the theme.

Sarah presents abstract paintings in ink and glasswork.

 Work derived from her interest in life and death cycles, the seasons and natural plant and animal forms.



Tuesday 7th July - Saturday 18th July


Falmouth Adult Education Centre celebrates the creative journey of a collaboration of students of mixed media from a variety of courses including the following:falmouth-poly-exhibition-glass

NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Creative Craft – Fused Glass;

NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Art and Design;

and Advanced Glass Fusing.

We are enrolled in courses for a variety of reasons:  for personal fulfilment, to gain confidence, improve or learn new skills, to gain employment or support self-employment.falmouth-poly-glass-exhibition-adult-education

Fused glass can involve fusing multiple pieces of glass together, or through a process called slumping, moulding glass to a specific form at high temperatures using a kiln.

The fused glass pieces in the ‘Reflections’ exhibition showcase the students creative journey.  For instance, how similar skills learned can be interpreted by each individual, resulting in the production of pieces which are unique to each person and their personality.


The students of the NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Creative Craft – Fused Glass have been given the responsibility of the organisation of this exhibition.  In doing so, they have added a new skill set to their repertoire which will be challenging, rewarding and beneficial for further development.


Private View: Tuesday, 7th July, 7.00 – 9.30 p.m.


Spring Gallery

Tuesday 14th July - Monday 20th July

Paper, Paint and Clay

An exhibition of collage, sculpture, painting and ceramics.

SONIA BATEMAN makes sculptures of heads and figures in papier mache and for this show is producing a series entitled EARTH WOMEN. Her multi-layered and extensively worked collages recall weathered landscape and environmental decay.

JENNY WEBBE is an abstract painter working in oils on canvas also making small sculptures in papier mache. She has been working for many years in ceramics and has produced a new body of work for this exhibition

Spring Gallery

Monday 20th July - Monday 27th July

Show Me the Place – Mandy Farrar and Allan Brack

Celebrating their ten years in Cornwall!

Both following their dream of living a creative life, this exhibition of paintings, drawings, prints and cards, follows their passionate journey of art and recovery and their firm belief that ‘Art Saves Lives!’

Inspired by the sea, the natural world and the magical, their work explores the real, the ethereal and the abstract.

Allan works in pastel, wax crayon, pen and pencil, and Mandy in collage, acrylic and mixed media.

The exhibition also pays a special homage to the inspirational music and poetry of the great Leonard Cohen.


Facebook: undertowgallery

Spring Gallery

Tuesday 4th August - Monday 10th August

Lynne Devey & Ron Ford – Dialogue

Lynne Devey and Ron Ford present an exhibition of contrasting new work exploring inner space and outer place. Whilst the work of these two artists is quite different, they share a common passion not only for the quality of paint, edge, texture and surface, but also for the emotional engagement with the process.

Lynne Devey’s vibrant abstract work explores, and is inspired by, intimate interior and psychological spaces.

Ron’s work is an exploration of how a painted surface can evoke the timeless experience of being in a landscape.

Both artists are based in studios at Islington Wharf in Penryn and both are graduates of the MA Fine Art from Falmouth University.