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Spring Gallery

Tuesday 24th November - Monday 30th November

Creative Collage

We have mixed our individual skills to create a collage of work that expresses our collective creative vision.

Annie Wade uses pen and ink to create illustrations influenced by fairy tales and folk stories; these are influenced by her macabre, slightly odd sense of humour. She also takes inspiration from the Cornish Landscape found in a variety of mixed media including the use of cottons, dried leaves, packaging and stitch. Bold colours are introduced with the use of acrylic paint.

Trisha Elliott uses her exploration of the Cornish Landscape to collect, grind and hand prepare a variety of pigments using found clays, soils and rocks. Using the traditional approach of egg tempera she has created a range of paintings from religious icons, female forms and tin mines using earth pigments.

Melissa Flanders started working with fish as a subject matter around two years ago, as a way of connecting with some of the environmental issues we are currently facing. She works in a variety of mediums, though a current favourite is charcoal because of its simplicity, its organic nature, and the subtlety it can achieve.

Janet Flanders works with a range of subjects which she finds beautiful, but her work is always about capturing fine details. Using watercolour and gouache in a way similar to oil she tries to create pieces which have both the detail of oil and the delicacy of watercolour.Annie Wade

Melissa Flanders