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Spring Gallery

Tuesday 21st April - Monday 27th April

Wednesday Art Group

The Wednesday Art Group is returning to the Poly to hold its next exhibition in the Spring Gallery from Tuesday 21st to Monday 27th April 2015.

The Wednesday Art Group is made up of a variety of highly talented and mature artists with an eclectic mix of styles that cover just about all tastes.  All of them live in the Truro to Falmouth area and meet on Wednesdays almost all weeks of the year to work together and inspire each other.

Some of the artists are Cornish born and bred, some have lived in Cornwall for most of their lives and some come from the Scandinavian countries of Denmark and Sweden.

Although some have sold through art galleries in Cornwall and elsewhere, none are full time professional artists who command high prices for their work. You will be pleasantly surprised at the quality of their work that will be on display and for sale.  You really should not miss this exhibition.

Spring Gallery

Tuesday 28th April - Monday 4th May


This current series of photographs by Emily Dymond taken on a two week trip to Italy at the beginning of 2015 aims to be an honest account of the moments and scenes observed on her travels.

‘I am drawn to the charm and beauty that can lie hidden in simplicity and through my photography hope to capture an honest reflection of a moment in time, be it a person, a place, or an abstract form’



Spring Gallery

Monday 18th May - Monday 25th May

David Axtell – State of Play

State of Play is David’s fourth exhibition at the Poly. Featuring his familiar oil paintings, from postcard size to large canvas’s of both figurative, seascapes and abstract. His work has a vibrant spontaneity and elemental freedom of brushstroke, which forcefully captures the dramatic weather conditions prevalent around the Cornish coast.


Tuesday 9th June - Monday 15th June

Amen / Omen: Laura Menzies and Jim Carter

Laura Menzies and Jim Carter present a joint exhibition of painting and sculpture concerned with omens and their relationship with transformative processes.

Laura Menzies’ work operates as a personal register of marks formed from constructs of memory, emotion and indirect references to place. Her paintings  suggest a world that we all encounter visually or sensationally, and are imbued with a strong sense of time, depth and ambiguity.

Jim Carter is a sculptor working in wood and natural materials to explore relationships between human, animal and landscape.  Following completion of an MA in Art and Environment in 2013, his work has been linked to myth, alchemy and natural cycles of disintegration and renewal.