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Spring Gallery

Tuesday 16th September - Saturday 27th September

Glass Minds Cornwall – Inside Out

“Inside out” is the title of a new and exciting exhibition to showcase work by members of the recently formed group, Glass Minds Cornwall, to celebrate their individuality as artists and the diverse range of techniques that they use.

Glass Minds Cornwall is a group of glass artists based in West Cornwall. The group has been born out of the glass membership of the Cornwall Ceramic and Glass Group. They have joined together to share knowledge via exploration and experimentation with different glass techniques.

The result is a rich eclectic collection of artistic interpretation of the theme.  Sculptural forms, mixed media, 2D work and photography are all linked by the common denominator of the medium of glass.

Much of the work on display will be for sale with collection at the end of the exhibition.

Participating artists include: Brenda Albert; Claire Albert; Stephanie Frost; Jeremy Doar; Helen Eastham; Heather Frary; Finnuala Galletti Di Cadilhac; Julie Anne Thornhill; Noreen Todd; and, Sarah Trewhella.


Website: www.glassmindscornwall.co.uk 

Glass Minds 1

Steele Gallery

Tuesday 16th September - Monday 22nd September

Wendy Kerr & Caroline Parker

An exhibition of Textiles and Ceramics by Wendy Kerr and Caroline Parker.

Caroline Parker 1

Caroline Parker 2

Steele Gallery

Tuesday 23rd September - Tuesday 30th September

Tarkus Blackmore – Mythconceptions

Tarkus Blackmore is an Illustrator and musician from Falmouth.

He has a diverse and wide ranging set of interests, which froth out into his art and music.

Since childhood he has had a deep and abiding love for the unexplained and liminal areas of science and nature. Giant squid, ancient monoliths, poster art, quirks of biology and the supernatural are just some of his inspirations.

His main tools are dip pen and ink, and Japanese brush pens.

He likes the permanence and commitment to line which this lends to his pieces.

There are two types of work in this exhibition, some of the works here are the original pure monochromatic pieces, while others are then enhanced with colour for  the limited edition print versions.

All inks and papers are archival quality.