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Spring Gallery

Tuesday 28th June - Saturday 2nd July

Wednesday Art Group

Following the success of last year’s exhibition, the Wednesday Art Group is returning for the third time to the Falmouth Poly to hold its next exhibition in the Spring Gallery.

The Wednesday Art Group is made up of a variety of highly talented and mature artists with an eclectic mix of styles that cover just about all tastes.  All of them live in the Truro to Falmouth area and meet on Wednesdays most weeks of the year to work together and inspire each other.  Some of the artists are Cornish born and bred, some have lived in Cornwall for most of their lives and some come from the Scandinavian countries of Denmark and Sweden.

Although some have sold through art galleries in Cornwall and elsewhere, none are full time professional artists who command high prices for their work. You will be pleasantly surprised at the quality of their work that will be on display and for sale.  Subject matter partly reflects Cornish life and varies from seascapes, still life, landscapes and boating.

If you missed the exhibition last year you must not miss it this year.  Come in and look around.  Members of this friendly local group will be present.





Spring Gallery

Tuesday 5th July - Saturday 9th July

Craft and Creations

In celebration of The Adult Learners Festival of Learning which takes place throughout May and June, Falmouth Ceramics Learners taking the level 2 NCFE Certificate in Creative Craft – Ceramics,  will be curating and organising an Exhibition as part of their Enterprise unit.   Their work and the work of other learners, taking various art and craft courses within Falmouth Adult Education, will be on display from Wednesday, 6th July to Friday, 8th July, from 10 – 7 pm and Saturday 9th July from 10 – 5 pm.  As well as Ceramics, there will be Fused Glass, Free Machine Embroidery, Textiles, Photography,  and Oil, Charcoal and Gauche art. 


Main Gallery

Friday 8th July


FLOW is an interactive sensitive sonic space where sensors allow visitors to make interventions in the aural landscape, becoming integral players in their own experience of the piece.

The installation questions conventional notions of performance such as singular focus and the active/passive roles of both artist and spectator.

Visitors are encouraged to walk among the sensors and interact with both the computer generated sounds and each other to create a constantly shifting sonisphere within the space.

Psionics is the performance moniker of Pete Shepherd.

Pete has been composing, producing and performing music for the past 30 years. Psionics rejects popular music in favour of the avant gard, using sonic materials to create works of immersive experimental art.


Spring Gallery

Tuesday 12th July - Saturday 16th July

Heather Burns, Sue Davis & Mary Taylor: Unwritten Thoughts

An exhibition of paintings by three Cornish artists, Heather Burns, Sue Davis and Mary Taylor all being members of the Lizard Art Co-operative at the Stableyard Gallery on the Trelowarren Estate. The work is bold and discerning, an eclectic mix of abstract and semi abstract, portraying the thoughts, visions and ideas of each individual artist without the need for words.

Heather Burns

Colour, Shapes, Broken Lines

Inspired by the harbours, coast and moorland around me and calling on memories and emotions, I use colour, texture and form to portray the feel of place and environment. Using, acrylics and mixed media. I alternate between abstract and representational pieces in both of which the influences of the weather and environment are key.

In all my pictures I aim to depict a ‘feel and atmosphere’, so for example a painting might start off as a particular location but will develop into a more generic portrayal which enables the viewer to see different aspects each time they look at the painting. Similarly sometimes my abstracts are conventional abstract portrayals of a particular subject or place, but I increasingly prefer to take a more lyrical approach and let the paint and method of application speak for itself. The viewer will then make their own personal interpretation.

Sue Davis

Abstraction for me is an exploration that can acquire beauty with form, the enchantment of the unknown without sentimentality. The delicate, mobile balance between chance and intention is enhanced by experience. Often allowing an artist to move faster and intuitively, giving excitement, flow and sensitive feeling to the pressure and placement of small marks, without having a verbal reason.

My commitment to abstraction, is for me a means of enlightenment, a kind of magic which captures images of inner feeling beyond thought or mind. The paintings are not to be reasoned with or to be understood they are to be experienced and meditated upon: to be discovered as one might discover light filtering through the leaves or reflections on water.

Mary Taylor

Mary Taylor lives and works on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall.  She is a colourist rather than a tonal painter. Her work concerns the environment, the changing weather, the light and colour of the seasons in and around the Lizard Peninsula. She is interested in the shape and form of the landscape and tries to capture the essence of a place though both paint and print, one enhancing the other, evolving the work with an emotional response to the subject. Her recent work is moving forward from figurative landscape and seascape, taking some of these elements towards a semi abstract outcome.




Poly Bar

Saturday 16th July 10:00am


Falmouth’s own Auction House, The Duchy Auction Company Limited, will be holding a free drop-in Valuation Day for all items, no matter how big or small, on Saturday 16th July between 10am – 4pm in The Poly Bar. Everyone welcome.

Spring Gallery

Tuesday 19th July - Saturday 23rd July

Caz Scott: Land and Sea

Caz Scott returns this year with a s election of new work.

This exhibition of oil paintings features the distinctive, formalized landscapes of the Cornish coast.

Caz’s paintings are the fruit of extended periods spent walking and sketching, distilling the dramatic landforms and wildness of the coast and moorland. Caz will often return to familiar places in between seeking out new inspiration.

“I find that sketching a place has a far stronger impact than taking photographs. The kinesthetic motion reinforces the feel of the land creating a physical connection with my surroundings. My drawings activate my memories and leave my imagination free when I come to complete my paintings.”

Her paintings aim to simplify the complexity of the landscape, drawing out the image and building and balancing shape and colour to reflect the strength and uniqueness and beauty of the scenery.



Spring Gallery

Monday 25th July - Saturday 30th July


Tuesday 26th July - Saturday 30th July

Paul Ryan

On my walks along the Fal/Penryn river bed at low tide I have been finding my materials.

Weathered wooden shapes and panels that are then transformed in the studio with the addition of related printed images, maps, diagrams of nautical equipment etc., and then the built shapes of boats and harbours.

This is transitional work for me as I am finding a way to return to abstraction but I know that Falmouth is an important stepping stone.

Spring Gallery

Tuesday 9th August - Saturday 13th August

Vicki Clark & Linda Kitchen

Vicki Clark

The paintings are an emotive response to the landscape where the place, subject matter and moment in time are the starting point. This is presented through the physical and gestured application of the paint. Through this language of marks the onlooker is invited to step into and become encompassed by the landscape as experienced by the artist. The work hopes to honestly reflect the presence of the subject matter and bring to light those things that are vital, transient and fragile.

Recent work by the artist shows the connection and fascination with negative and positive space and simplified abstract shapes. The work is inspired by the rich agricultural inland landscape of Cornwall which is sometimes overlooked in preference to coastal scenes.

The images of the black ‘Dexter’ cattle at Trelissick near Truro, although an integral part of the rural landscape, create what appear to be holes or negative spaces. The paintings inspired by a short stay at Bodrugan Farm near Mevagissey show a simplified abstracted landscape of hills and hidden valleys. The linear paintings capture the unique agricultural area of the very west of Cornwall.

Vicki has exhibited and sold work nationally and internationally to private collectors in the UK and America.


Linda Kitchen 
The sculptures were made during the last 12 months, made entirely from found objects collected on Falmouth beaches during the last six years. The work is about the exploration of landscape and our place within it. We see landscape as belonging to us although our impact on it, is so often negative.

Despite initially not intending to use these objects as sculpture, nevertheless the hand and eye of the artist is at work here. Selection is not indiscriminate. Themes and patterns have emerged over the years as the collection increased. Certain objects looked for, others rejected. Categories expanded into sub groups. For example, within an enormous jar of ‘green’ sea glass emerged 14 shades of green. Over the years, many of the fragments of china were discovered to have once been part of the same object, worn by time to differing degrees.

The work might at first appear to be a departure from the artist’s earlier, aerial, painted landscapes, one of which is exhibited, but it is actually a natural continuum. These works are intuitive and spontaneous but not without a point of view.

Both the paintings and the sculptures involve looking down from above. With the aerial landscape works the artist explored the macro, inviting the observer to question what they see by distancing the known: This work explores the micro.

Here the artist transplants everyday objects onto the vertical picture plane in a gallery setting, challenging our understanding of the everyday. The familiar becomes abstract and reframes the worthless object into something of visual value.

Linda has exhibited and sold work to private collectors in the UK, Australia and Switzerland.



Spring Gallery

Tuesday 23rd August - Saturday 27th August

Robert Wilde: Towards Light – through abstraction

Oil paintings inspired by Cornwall’s land and sea.

Spring Gallery

Tuesday 13th September - Saturday 17th September

Textile Maids: Cornwall. Collected.

Textile Maids are a group of ten contemporary textile artists based in Cornwall. They meet regularly for encouragement and creative direction, and to develop and share techniques. The group first exhibited in 2014 with the highly successful ‘Stitched Art’ show at Heartlands, and a selection of this work was also included in the Exeter Spring Quilt show earlier this year.

Cornwall.Collected. is their second exhibition and incorporates aspects of textile art inspired by their own personal responses to the shared theme of ‘Cornwall’. The eclectic mix of techniques, from mixed media, hand and machine embroidery and handmade felt, has resulted in a show of exciting and diverse contemporary textiles.

(Please note the gallery is not wheelchair friendly)

Members of Textile Maids are:

  • Debbie Drake
  • Margaret Garrood
  • Jane Hawkins
  • Sue Hooper
  • Jenni Milne
  • Rosemary Newton
  • Margaret Pellow
  • Liz Porter
  • Barbara Stark
  • Chris Treweek

The group also have a blog – textilemaids.blogspot.co.uk

Main Gallery

Saturday 24th September 10:00am

The Duchy Auction Company: Sale Day

The inaugural sale of the Duchy Auction Company will be taking place on Saturday, 24th September, with monthly sales taking place on the last Saturday of each month (excluding December).

Duchy Auctions will specialise in gold, silver, jewellery, watches, clocks, coins, medals, stamps, militaria, Oriental, collectables, fine art, select furniture & furnishings as well as classic cars & motorbikes.

Viewing:   10.00 am – 5.00 pm Thursday 24th September and Friday 25th September, as well as on the morning of the sale.

Entrance either from Church Street or from New Street.

Sale to commence at 10.00 am

Duchy Auctions are always happy to offer friendly advice on any item whether for consignment to an upcoming auction or for valuation purposes, The Duchy Auction Company brings an Auction House back to the heart of Falmouth.

Website: www.duchyauctions.com

Email: auction@duchyauctions.com

Phone: 01326 218407 / 07583 506982