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Steele Gallery

Thursday 29th January - Monday 9th February

Falmouth in WW1

A Free Exhibition of historical images giving an insight into how the war affected our town. An exhibition by local historian, Mike Bradley. First seen at the Arcs of Fire Gallery in August 2014.

Falmouth Local History and Research Group

Spring Gallery

Tuesday 3rd February - Monday 9th February

Godfrey Wright: The Adventurer

Godfrey Wright

Spring Gallery

Tuesday 17th February - Monday 23rd February

On This Day

A visual documentation of events that occurred on this day: 17th February. A collective of four notice events in time which they transcribe into narratives: A. Goodwin, Lucy Kerr, Irene Vidal and Lisa Wrench explore themes of deception, oscillation, the resonance of historical events and memory; the myth of the self.

The collective notice coincidences between the narratives and present this archive. Outcomes include bookmaking, drawing, literature, photography and sign-painting.

A. Goodwin examines, questions & A  Goodwin imagemanipulates
the authenticity of our heritage, predominantly through traditional sign-writing. Bridging the gap between heritage and hoax, A creates archives that deceive & entice – to ensure these traditional crafts are impacting on society still.

A is a maker, meticulous, authentic & obsessive: a [hoax] archivist. Through employing the theory of ‘art & its shadow’ A makes signs, books and artefacts which compliment one another, working as one they form archives.

Lucy Kerr’s work includes within itself a lucy kerr imageconscious

coming into being, a presence of self that illustrates what happens when she physically explores. Images that contain both the physical process of exploration with ‘stuff’ and spaces, and the emotive illusion which describes the effect of the exploration on the soul and perception.

‘Stuff’ is the noun Lucy uses to describe the medium she improvises with, it is a collective word which represents the vocabulary of a medium, it is the stuff that comes to hand, no other term is loose enough.

Lucy tends to illustrate the edge between fantasy and reality and the irony in the gap, the audience sees that things are not what they seem. It is a form of creative improvisation, in order to re-see the world.

Irene Vidal is a Falmouth based illustratorirene vidal image and artist
born in Galicia (Spain). Her work communicates a particular view about popular culture, historic resonances and the poetics of politics, often playing with points of convergence between the sublime everyday and the ridiculous event. She is interested in the narratives of daily experience and their connections to other stories that remain between us as traces.

Irene makes her own books and frequently repeats common patterns and ideas creating an ongoing narrative throughout her work.

Lisa Wrench is a Teller of Tales. An Artist, an Illustrator
and a Storyteller. A Professional Daydreamer. Her stories are created where personal memory and fairy tale meet. Between the visible and the invisible. Between what was once real and what is now simply imagined.

Fairy Tales, Memory, and The Myth of The Self. How the past is re-imagined and re-invented, the fragmented strands of truth which are gathered and woven into the delicate story of our lives. Secret longings and regrets, the deep, whispered yearning for the things which never were and the strange melancholy joy for the things we once had but which are now lost to us.

Unreliable. Indistinct. Hidden from plain view.

This is the work of the creative memory. The Storytelling Memory.

Spring Gallery

Tuesday 24th February - Monday 2nd March


The beginning of a journey starting in Falmouth Docks, using Shed 53 as a studio and the start of an artistic relationship between two painters.

In 2014, the 75 metre mural created by Artists Vicki Gillow and Juliet Walshe for Falmouth Docks was unveiled.  As you look at the mural, unconventionally, the narrative starts on the far right with the cliff, industrial waterways, the Docks and the workers going about their daily business. The artists invite the audience to venture beyond the docks into the estuary and sea on the left side of the painting, highlighting the contrast between the dockyard and space – the man-made and elemental.

This exhibition at the Poly contains work in a variety of mediums created by both artists prior to the mural and since it was completed, including a short film and slideshow documenting the progression of the mural. There are similar underlying themes in Vicki’s and Juliet’s work which can be seen the both in the mural and in their individual work.

Vicki is a Falmouth painter, illustrator and teacher and obtained an MA in Authorial Illustration from Falmouth University in 2013. Juliet, originally from Hertfordshire, moved down from London to Falmouth in 2011 and graduated with an MA in Fine Art in 2012.

Vicki Gillow and Juliet Walshe started working together when they collaborated on a large mural, commissioned by A&P and Falmouth Art Gallery and installed in August 2014 at Falmouth Docks. Since completing the mural, the artists have continued to collaborate on a range of work inspired by water and the coast.

Vicki and Juliet hope to continue collaborating and exhibiting work together in the future.




Spring Gallery

Tuesday 28th April - Saturday 2nd May



This current series of photographs by Emily Dymond taken on a two week trip to Italy at the beginning of 2015 aims to be an honest account of the moments and scenes observed on her travels.

‘I am drawn to the charm and beauty that can lie hidden in simplicity and through my photography hope to capture an honest reflection of a moment in time, be it a person, a place, or an abstract form’


Emily dymond 4  Emily Dymond 2