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Spring Gallery

Tuesday 1st September - Monday 7th September

Middlemiss & Jones

Charlotte Jones Ceramics

Cornwall with its dramatic land and seascapes inspire Charlotte Jones to make her ceramics, observing her surroundings so design decisions become intuitive. Shells, pebbles and natural found objects are explored in detail by drawing and painting to inform the pots.

Her distinctive pots are made from coloured stoneware clay, using oxides and self dug clay. The coloured clays are used as a three-dimensional collage material: layers contrast and merge. Pot bases are thrown, coils added, pinched and scraped into an organic vessel. Burnished with a pebble when leather hard, the pots are through high firing returned to stone.

Charlotte lives and works in a renovated chapel high above Falmouth bay with stunning views from Plymouth to the Lizard.

For more information please go to www.charlottejonesceramics.co.uk


Marilyn Middlemiss

Working from her new studio at Jubilee Wharf last winter…

“We began our journey each day before dawn crossing the county through the Carn Brea fog and darkness until we came over the hill at Mabe just as the sun came up and the colour came out.

The process involved in this work plays on the grays covering primary opposites on the colour wheel, which I have always played with but here I have left parts of the primary colour exposed next to its opposite reflecting on the light and colour of the experience of the winter journey.”

August 2015

Marilyn’s work is preoccupied with the notion of connections. Between interpersonal relationships, which can be passionate, dramatic, and tragic or broader environmental issues the connection comes between the personal and the universal.  She has an MA Contemporary Visual Arts from Falmouth University & a First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art, University of Hertfordshire.  She is a Digswell Arts Trust Fellow and member of the NSA, also receiving several Arts Council England Awards.  Her work is in many pubic and private collections including Merck Sharp & Dome Pharmaceuticals, Homerton Hospital and The Womens Art Collection New Hall Cambridge.

See more at www.marilynmiddlemiss.co.uk

Spring Gallery

Monday 28th September - Saturday 3rd October

Through Different Eyes

Through Different Eyes

..are Debbie Sutcliffe, Steve Bumphrey and Jon Everitt. Since 2006 we have held exhibitions across the South of England and in in France. We are united by our love of colour and our unusual views of our subjects

Debbie Sutcliffe

Debbie has recently exhibited at the Royal Academy of Art’s Summer Exhibition and her work sold out almost immediately. Her graceful, elegant engravings and linocuts are evocative of the Golden age of British printmaking but brought up to date with vibrant colours and an abstract sensibility


Steve Bumphrey

Steve specialises in travel photography in particular, and more abstract work that suggests rather than defines the subject and that subtly evokes a sense of place. He is widely travelled and spends much of his time in France


Jon Everitt

Jon’s slyly witty work defies most description. He describes himself as an “Unrealist” who recreates the world not as it is, but as how he sees it – two very different things! He lives on the South Coast and in France but spends a lot of time in Cornwall and is proud to be a member of the Poly





Spring Gallery

Monday 5th October - Sunday 11th October

Caz Scott

This exhibition features the distinctive, formalized landscapes of painter Caz Scott, who divides her time between Dorset and Falmouth in Cornwall. Her paintings are the fruit of extended periods spent walking and sketching in both counties, distilling the dramatic landforms and wildness of the coast and moorland. Caz will often return to familiar places in between seeking out new inspiration.

“I find that sketching a place has a far stronger impact than taking photographs. The kinesthetic motion reinforces the feel of the land creating a physical connection with my surroundings. My drawings activate my memories and leave my imagination free when I come to complete my paintings.”

Her paintings aim to simplify the complexity of the landscape, drawing out the image and building and balancing shape and colour to reflect the strength and uniqueness and beauty of the scenery.

Tuesday 3rd November - Tuesday 10th November

Saul Cathcart: Before The Turn – Part 2

Saul Cathcart

A collection of recent paintings that teeter on the edge of abstraction and changing weather.

Saul Cathcart is a contemporary, landscape painter living in and working in Cornwall. He paints exclusively in situ, so he can respond to his surroundings directly.


‘Working out in the landscape is thrilling. I don’t have time to tinker about. Waves come and go and change shape within a split second. Clouds move and the light is suddenly gone. Nature forces me to work fast.’

As a result, his paintings have great observational skill and a unique energy.

Saul studied Fine Art Sculpture at Winchester School of Art and gained a fine art degree in 2001. Since then he quickly returned to his first love of painting and started re-exploring the Cornish landscape he grew up with.

He has regular shows in Cornwall, Devon and abroad.