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Spring Gallery

Tuesday 21st October - Monday 3rd November

John Howard

This is the seventh annual exhibition of work made by artists using the John Howard Print Studios in Penryn. The exhibition showcases a wide range of work by artists with a variety of approaches to printmaking and demonstrates the possibilities provided by the facilities and tutoring at the Studios.

Fine art printmaking is very hands-on, where the artist uses a range of processes to explore and develop new ways of creating images. This exhibition aims to increase public understanding of printmaking processes and illustrate the diversity of artwork made possible. There is also an opportunity for people to learn more about the facilities of the studio and the courses on offer.

John Howard is an award-winning printmaker and painter who has exhibited nationally and internationally for 25 years. Since the establishment of John Howard Print Studios just over 6 years ago, more than 100 different artists have used its facilities and benefited from John’s expertise. This exhibition includes work from some of those who have worked there in this last year.  For more information on the studios see www.johnhowardprintstudios.com.

Steele Gallery

Tuesday 21st October - Monday 3rd November

V For Vendetta – David Lloyd

22 Panels 2014 LogoFirst appearing in the pages of British anthology comic Warrior in 1982, Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s V FOR VENDETTA has since become one of the most iconic and influential graphic novels of all time.

The 22 Panels Comic Art Show is proud to give the public a chance to see the wonderful artwork from the book up close.

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Keep updated on the event over at the 22 Panels blog.

Spring Gallery

Tuesday 4th November

Mel Chambers – The Triad Exhibition

Mel is a self-taught artist living on the beautiful South Coast of Cornwall near the Helford River.

Inspired by the earth, ocean and animal kingdom her work portrays not only the beauty of the wild but also that which surrounds us daily, including the animals that share our everyday lives and are closest to our hearts.

Mel has worked with many animals, past and present and has captured the magic of their souls through the close up detail of her paintings.  Passionate about the environment and conservation of our amazing world she is a member many conservation projects especially those relating to the ocean. Her interest in ocean myths and legends, particularly those of Cornwall are expressed in her paintings and sculpture as well as her inlay tiles.

The Triad Exhibition is the launch of her new brand which encompasses all three aspects of her work – Animal Portraits, Inlay Ceramic Tiles & Raku Fired Sculpture. This will be her biggest solo exhibition to date launching brand new work and designs.


Spring Gallery

Tuesday 18th November - Monday 24th November

Carol Burns: Horizons

‘Through the particular we find the universal’

This series of photographic work represents the search for the horizontal within a county dominated by horizons. Rather than focus on the sky meeting water or land that is so evident in Cornwall, Burns searches out evidence and marks left by the horizon, from tide marks and maritime artefacts to pure texture.

The work is purposefully aesthetic, the camera seeking out that which is visually pleasing and representative, despite their abstracted nature.


Carol Burns 2