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Spring Gallery

Tuesday 22nd July - Monday 4th August

Joe Armstrong

Joe Armstrong is a local artist who paints in a semi abstract style using a palette knife to apply pure oil paint in bold free flowing strokes giving his paintings a vibrant, textured and exciting look.

Tuesday 22nd July - Monday 28th July

Eden – ‘Explore’

An exhibition to ensnare the senses.


Physically. Mentally. Universally.


Steele Gallery

Tuesday 29th July - Monday 4th August

Barbara Taylor

This is Barbara Taylor’s fifth exhibition but the first with a commercial slant. Barbara was trained in textile design at Leicester Colleges of Art and Technology and started her career designing children’s clothes. She returned to the University of Leicester in the 1990’s to gain an MA in Victorian Studies. Her major dissertation on 19thC Women artists influenced her change away from figurative and towards an abstract style. Barbara’s work at present is based on patterns and spaces drawn from the diverse landscapes of the South West.

Most of the works exhibited are available in varying sized signed prints and different styles of card. Email: babs2012t@yahoo.co.uk

Website:  www.lansallos.org

Jagged-Edges---Barbara Taylor 4

Spring Gallery

Tuesday 5th August - Monday 11th August

Jo Kehyaian – The Falling Tide

An exhibition of new paintings using natural pigments by Jo Kehyaian. Following on from ’100 birds’ this work is about stillness and the sea.




Main Gallery

Tuesday 5th August - Saturday 16th August

The Poly Members’ Summer Exhibition 2014

Come and enjoy the interesting and varied selection of artwork created by many of our Members.  The Poly’s Summer Exhibition is a an opportunity for our talented Members to exhibit and sell their work, including oils, watercolours, prints, mixed media, ceramics and sculptures.  With over 40 artists and nearly 200 works being exhibited (with most for sale) there is sure to be something here for everyone.

For further information on how to take part in the Summer Exhibition, contact: dot@thepoly.org, Tel: 01326 319461Joanna Soar Felt Jug and CupKarin Saunders Poly-Nine-Maidens



Spring Gallery

Tuesday 12th August - Monday 18th August

Joe Morris and Rosie Sutcliffe

Rosie Sutcliffe:

Glass is a luminous material. I like to combine its shiny, reflective quality with the softness of the sandblasted surface to create contrasts in tone and texture in my range of functional and decorative hand made blown glass.

Each piece is individually blown by myself using traditional glass making tools and techniques. Once made the glass is gradually cooled (annealed) overnight, I then use the technique of sandblasting to apply designs and motifs. Designs often begin with nature as a starting point, whether that be in a representational form or something more abstract. Coming from an illustration background I have a love for drawing and making things by hand. Composition and design have always featured prominently in my work and sandblasting allows me to combine all these elements with the traditional skills of a glass blower.

My working process is fluid and organic, forms and designs evolve and take shape through experimentation. Forms are often led by the process itself, allowing the glass to have a say and take shape naturally, not always trying to fight it into submission. In turn my designs develop and evolve in reaction to the forms I create, allowing each piece to retain a sense of individuality.

The process of glass blowing for me is both physically and mentally challenging. I enjoy this challenge and the physicality of it, you really have to get into the rhythm and it almost becomes like a dance where you follow each set of steps again and again. The contrast of this with the calm, quiet action of cutting and applying my designs to the blown pieces for sandblasting adds another dimension to my practice. The combination of these two contrasting methods enables me to create work that is unique and distinctive.


Joe Morris:

My work is informed by the natural and man made forms which adorn the landscape of Cornwall. Fleeting glimpses of vistas that live long in the memory and get distorted and re-organised by the psyche shape my aesthetic. Glimpses of trees, electricity pylons, fences, road surfaces, standing stones, all these things find their way into my work in an attempt to capture and distill  the essence of an object in space.

Geometric form and proportion usually find a place in my work too. I never get bored by the purity and elegant simplicity of circles. There is a peace to be found by staring at a circle. This elegant, essential and elemental shape has found it’s way into the sacred art of cultures from all over the world for millennia, including the ancients of this land, the bronze age stone circles of Cornwall and other ancient monuments of the county are an endless source of fascination and inspiration.

I discovered ‘Tadelakt’ a few years ago and was instantly drawn to it’s extraordinary sensual beauty. The powdered lime plaster is mixed with water and pigment, and applied with a plasterers trowel. As the plaster cures it can be burnished with a polishing stone to achieve a smooth, velvety finish.  This ancient Moroccan technique is ordinarily used as a wall covering but on discovering it I decided to try to use it as an art medium. I have developed numerous techniques such as carving into the finished surface when it is fully cured, or mixing different coloured plaster when wet with some delightful results. I love the magical process  of creating these works, the alchemy of mixing powder with water and turning it into something so solid and sculptural.

The aim is to make quiet, contemplative, minimal  art which will connect with people at a deep, universal level.

Steele Gallery

Tuesday 12th August - Monday 18th August

Carn Artists

Carn Artists logo 




We are an extremely fortunate group of artist working together and living in Cornwall.  We have a passion for the area and work collectively to sell our art and craft throughout the UK in different and interesting outlets.

Donnette Buftonis a self taught photographer and mixed media painter.  Her art is influenced by the natural beauty of the West Country and her travels to photograph and paint other ‘wild’ and remote areas in the UK and abroad.  Her deep love and respect for the natural world is contrasted against ‘man made’ features.   Her work is diverse, full of emotion, bold colours and are in collections in the UK & USA.

Carn Artists 2 


Dee-Anne McCoull is a versatile Textile Artist,Painter and Designer based in Cornwall. Her work has been seen and collected all over world including Australia and the USA. One of her most successful pieces is of the 2011 Japanese Tsunami. It is a large 3D structure using wire and stitch portraying the trauma and devastation we all felt at the time. “Never a dull moment” describes her colourful life. Her inspiration comes from Cornwall. She manages to capture the emotion of the sea in her work making it wildly powerful and evocative.

Carn Artists 3




Alan Tugwell graceful wood sculptures seem to defy gravity – arching and curving into the air from their stone bases. The reclaimed wood has been coloured and beautifully patterned over the years by natural processes, so each piece is unique and impossible to reproduce.

Swan Neck Pine












David Gregory is the latest addition to our talented group and his photography is on the ‘wild side’.  He uses interesting techniques to portray his view of Cornwall and his main focus is on nature in all its forms. Images of Brown Bears in Alaska, Polar Bears in the Arctic, Blue Whales in Sri Lanka and closer to home Red Kites in Wales feature in his work

Planet Pleming










Lynda James creates beautiful textiles to hang on your walls or practical objects for the kitchen and the playroom.

Linen Bags









Normanpaints mainly figurative and portrait work but also some landscapes in acrylics, pastels and water-colour.   She enjoys using colour and has recently experimented with painting semi-abstract under sea scenes and landscapes.

Ladies who Chat







Jean Lodge paints in watercolours and specializes in animal portraits that capture the spirit of the animal.




Spring Gallery

Tuesday 19th August - Monday 25th August

David Hosking

Porthleven based artist David Hosking is returning to the Spring Gallery to celebrate 20 years of exhibiting.  David’s first exhibition at the Spring Gallery was in August 1994.

This exhibition will show how his painting has evolved since ‘94 through to his current work. Included in this exhibition will be examples of the work produced by the children of a school in Los Angeles with whom David has worked with over the past 7 years. Also featured will be some of the paintings produced by an ardent collector of David’s work who found his painting so inspiring, that she became his pupil and subsequently a painter herself.

David was born in Cornwall in 1943. He studied briefly at Falmouth School of Art and then at the West Midlands College where he was awarded a Distinction for his Art. After a career in teaching he decided to retire in 1995 and devote his time to his painting.

His reputation as a painter was becoming established in the early nineties when he started to exhibit his work regularly. Not only did he have exhibitions in London, St. Ives, Falmouth, Porthleven and Padstow, but his work was also shown in America and the Bahamas. His paintings have attracted an international following and can be found in collections throughout the world.

It is the unique, powerful style of his work with the strong, rich compositions for which he is known today and David hopes that his new exhibition will be a passionate display of colour and emotion.

Check out David’s online profile at  http://davidhoskingartworks.co.uk


Spring, Steele & Main Gallery

Tuesday 26th August - Monday 1st September

Al Cazu (Alan G Williamson) – Making Pictures

logo_cazuAl Cazu lives here in Falmouth and most of the work being shown in this exhibition he has created during the past ten years while residing in the town. This collection consists of more than two hundred and fifty paintings and drawings. Three sections of the work relates to the Cornish landscape and coastline. These pictures are divided into three individual sets titled:  Falmouth Sketches, Cornwall Coast to Coast, and Moorland Magic. Other examples included in the exhibition have derived from Al’s travels and come under the title of:  Something on my Mind. These sets of pictures will also be available as books during the exhibition.

Artist’s statement:

“Cornwall has been of great inspiration to me this past decade and many of my pictures have been directly taken from the surrounding landscape, skies, and the wonderful seas the encompass this green and pleasant county. For these creative endeavours I usually paint with watercolours or simply sketch with a pencil. I am pleased to exhibit this work where it was created before dividing it into smaller exhibitions to be shown elsewhere. It is my hope that other people will now get as much pleasure from these pictures as I have done myself while producing them.”


Steele Gallery

Tuesday 9th September - Monday 15th September

Thom Gorst

Thom Gorst’s work brings an abstract vitality to maritime surfaces.
Through the medium of acrylic on canvas, Thom’s careful use of colour and texture draws on a maritime palette of funnels, decks and hulls, which is then overlaid with marks of corrosion, degradation, abrasion, overpainting and abandonment.

Thom has worked as a qualified architect and as a professor of architecture, and he brings an architect’s sensibility to his subject, using conventions of pictorial composition, and deliberately avoiding perspective.

Thom has exhibited widely, with recent solo shows in Bristol, Bath and London.



Steele Gallery

Tuesday 23rd September - Tuesday 30th September

Tarkus Blackmore – Mythconceptions

Tarkus Blackmore is an Illustrator and musician from Falmouth.

He has a diverse and wide ranging set of interests, which froth out into his art and music.

Since childhood he has had a deep and abiding love for the unexplained and liminal areas of science and nature. Giant squid, ancient monoliths, poster art, quirks of biology and the supernatural are just some of his inspirations.

His main tools are dip pen and ink, and Japanese brush pens.

He likes the permanence and commitment to line which this lends to his pieces.

There are two types of work in this exhibition, some of the works here are the original pure monochromatic pieces, while others are then enhanced with colour for  the limited edition print versions.

All inks and papers are archival quality.