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Tuesday 14th October - Tuesday 4th November

Shipwrecks and Sunken Worlds

Learn how maritime archaeology investigates our changing relationship with the world’s oceans and seas, from 2.5 million years ago until today.

The Open University is hosting a number of short, free, on-line courses on a range of subjects, including one run by Southampton University's Centre for Maritime Archaeology on Shipwrecks and Sunken Worlds 


Coming up in • 22 Panels 2014

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Sunday 26th October 11:00am

Comic Storytelling Part 2 with Ron Tiner

22 Panels 2014 LogoIn this lecture Ron will take two different story sequences, and show how the artist goes about turning them into engaging visual narratives.

Ron Tiner is a freelance illustrator and lecturer with over 40 years experience working in comics (2000AD, Hellblazer), illustrating fiction of all kinds (classic literature, fairy tales, romance, crime), illustrating educational books on history, designing characters for video games and more.

Lord of the Rings

Coming up in • 22 Panels 2014

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Sunday 26th October 12:30pm

Creativity and Comics with EdieOP

22 Panels 2014 LogoAn informal workshop exploring the creative side of comics, where you can create your own comic/zine. Edie will present some basic bookbinding, allowing you to stitch your own book together, and then discuss different ways that you can use panelling within the page or text placement.

Edie will also be incorporating a short ideas generation activity into the workshop, for those who want to create a comic but struggle with the ideas process.

Edie Comics Workshop

Coming up in • 22 Panels 2014

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Sunday 26th October 1:00pm

The Men Who Laugh: David Hine & Mark Stafford Panel

22 Panels 2014 LogoJoin Chris Thompson (Orbital Comics, Pop Culture Hound) as he explores the wild and woolly world of David Hine, Mark Stafford and their various collaborations. Be seduced by their Strange Embrace as they draw you into their Bad, Bad Place, discussing inspiration, process and execution.

David Hine is a prolific writer, well-known for his creator-owned books Bulletproof Coffin with Shaky Kane, Storm Dogs with Doug Braithwaite and The Man Who Laughs with Mark Stafford.

Man Who Laughs

Coming up in • 22 Panels 2014

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Sunday 26th October 3:00pm

Comic Book Slumber Party Presents!

22 Panels 2014 LogoA panel introducing the latest Comic Book Slumber Party anthology and the talented creators behind it! Guests include Donya Todd, Sarah Burgess, Lize Meddings, Lucie Ebrey, and will be chaired by CBSP’s own Hannah K Chapman.

Comic Book Slumber Party is a comics collective promoting the bad-ass babes in the comics industry through their events and anthologies.



Spring Gallery

Tuesday 21st October - Monday 3rd November

John Howard

This is the seventh annual exhibition of work made by artists using the John Howard Print Studios in Penryn. The exhibition showcases a wide range of work by artists with a variety of approaches to printmaking and demonstrates the possibilities provided by the facilities and tutoring at the Studios.

Fine art printmaking is very hands-on, where the artist uses a range of processes to explore and develop new ways of creating images.

IMG_1043 John Howard Seaweed

Steele Gallery

Tuesday 21st October - Monday 3rd November

V For Vendetta – David Lloyd

22 Panels 2014 LogoFirst appearing in the pages of British anthology comic Warrior in 1982, Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s V FOR VENDETTA has since become one of the most iconic and influential graphic novels of all time.

The 22 Panels Comic Art Show is proud to give the public a chance to see the wonderful artwork from the book up close.

V for Vendetta

Main Gallery

Saturday 25th October - Sunday 26th October

22 Panels Comic Art Show 2014

22 Panels 2014 Logo

Cornwall’s first comic book convention returns to Falmouth for a second year, following a successful debut at The Poly last October. 22 Panels 2014 will boast a full programme of events and even more special guests, working with the Falmouth Art Gallery and illustration community to bring the best in comic art to Cornwall.

22 Panels Guest