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Thursday 7th August - Monday 1st December

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BFI Sci-Fi – Days of Fear and Wonder

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Tuesday 14th October - Tuesday 4th November

Shipwrecks and Sunken Worlds

Learn how maritime archaeology investigates our changing relationship with the world’s oceans and seas, from 2.5 million years ago until today.

The Open University is hosting a number of short, free, on-line courses on a range of subjects, including one run by Southampton University’s Centre for Maritime Archaeology on Shipwrecks and Sunken Worlds 

The course is done in your own time and at your own convenience, but Falmouth Café Scientifique  will also be hosting a weekly session in The Poly where people can get together to discuss the course and exchange ideas.

This is a MOOC course.  What’s a MOOC you ask?  This link to Falmouth Café Scientifique will tell you all you need to know.

If you need to know more about the course, the discussion group, or Café Scientifique, please contact the  Cafe Sci co-ordinator, Robin Johnson.

On-line course runs from Monday, 6th October, for four weeks.

Café Sci Discussion group will run from Tuesday, 14th October at 2.00 p.m., for four weeks.  Cost £1.00 per person per week (to include tea/coffee).


22 Panels 2014

Saturday 25th October 11:00am

Comic Storytelling Part 1 with Ron Tiner

22 Panels 2014 LogoWhat makes good comic book art? It’s not just a matter of accurate drawing. Every story makes unique demands on a narrative artist, and his understanding of what makes a good story – as opposed to a dull sequence of events – is what makes the difference between a comic book that you simply read and forget, and one that sets your imagination alight, and you go back to time and again.

Ron Tiner is a freelance illustrator and lecturer with over 40 years experience working in comics (2000AD, Hellblazer), illustrating fiction of all kinds (classic literature, fairy tales, romance, crime), illustrating educational books on history, designing characters for video games and more.

Tickets: £2 (plus £1 Poly Fund)

Part of the 22 Panels Comic Art Show 2014.

Keep updated on the event over at the 22 Panels blog.

22 Panels 2014

Saturday 25th October 1:00pm
Poly Bar

Comics for Bad Babes: Comic Making Workshop with Sass

22 Panels 2014 LogoBad girls, bad babes, bad to the bone – woof woof!

Donya Todd and Hannah K Chapman of the Comic Book Slumber Party will lead you through a series of drawing games with attitude. By the end of the session you’ll have added a bad ass warrior babe to Greasy’s gang and have a finished comic that shows off those fine skillz, gurl!

Participants are requested to bring their favourite crayon, a change of underwear, and a sense of adventure.

Recommended for ages 16 and above.

Tickets: £4 (plus £1 Poly Fund)

Part of the 22 Panels Comic Art Show 2014.

Keep updated on the event over at the 22 Panels blog.

22 Panels 2014

Saturday 25th October 3:30pm
Poly Bar

Creating Cartoon Characters with Nick Brennan

22 Panels 2014 LogoNick’s workshop at 22 Panels will show you how to go about creating your own bonkers cartoon characters and putting them into a comic strip. You’ll learn, and practise, some of the tips and tricks of the trade, along with the techniques that professionals use when putting a strip together, including storyboarding, speech bubbles, sound effects and loads more!

Nick Brennan has been a freelance cartoonist for over twenty years. He’s worked for a variety of clients, but for most of that time, and perhaps most notably, he’s been a regular contributor to the Dandy and Beano comics. For the Beano he drew lovelorn Ernest Valentine in the strip “Crazy for Daisy” for ten years, and also spent a few years drawing Billy Whizz, the fastest boy on Earth. He drew numerous strips for the Dandy, including the diabolical sneak, Sneaker, and the befuddled buffoon, Blinky, who he drew for over 15 years.

Ideal for children 8+ / any skill level.

Limited to 15 places. Tickets: £4 (plus £1 Poly Fund)

Part of the 22 Panels Comic Art Show 2014.

Keep updated on the event over at the 22 Panels blog.

22 Panels 2014

Saturday 25th October 7:30pm

The Graphic Novel Man: The Comics of Bryan Talbot

22 Panels 2014 Logo
22 Panels 2014 LogoInternationally-acclaimed, multi-award winning writer/artist Bryan Talbot has been described as “a dazzling and tireless exponent of the comic art form”. The Graphic Novel Man: The Comics of Bryan Talbot provides the definitive Bryan Talbot experience for established fans and first-time readers. This title release from the Digital Story Engine documentary series has unprecedented access to behind the scenes material and personal stories.

Starring guests include Neil Gaiman, Joe Sacco, Warren Ellis, Gilbert Shelton, Ian Rankin, Kim Newman, David Lloyd, Pat Mills, John Wagner, Charlie Adlard, Carlos Ezquerra, D’Israeli, Doug Braithwaite, Andy Diggle, Simon Fraser, Al Davison, Mary M. Talbot, Hunt Emerson, Paul Gravett, Mark Stafford, Professor Henry Jenkins, Dr. Mel Gibson, Lee Harris, Dan Charnley, Richard ‘Chester’ West, and Jordan Smith.

Digital Story Engine’s Russell Wall, comic writer and filmmaker, will present the screening, with extra footage and copies of the DVD signed by Bryan Talbot.

Screening as part of the 22 Panels Comic Art Show 2014.

Keep updated on the event over at the 22 Panels blog.GNM Title Graphic web


As 22 Panels Special Offer THE GRAPHIC NOVEL MAN: THE COMICS OF BRYAN TALBOT [RRT: £15.99] will be available at the purchase price of £12.99. Ticketholders for the screening can purchase copies at the special price of £10.99. Advanced orders at these discounts [plus P&P] can be obtained directly from: salesdsengine@outlook.com

Please note this exclusive offer closes on MONDAY 27th OCTOBER.

22 Panels 2014

Sunday 26th October 11:00am

Comic Storytelling Part 2 with Ron Tiner

22 Panels 2014 LogoIn this lecture Ron will take two different story sequences, and show how the artist goes about turning them into engaging visual narratives.

Ron Tiner is a freelance illustrator and lecturer with over 40 years experience working in comics (2000AD, Hellblazer), illustrating fiction of all kinds (classic literature, fairy tales, romance, crime), illustrating educational books on history, designing characters for video games and more.

Tickets: £2 (plus £1 Poly Fund)

Part of the 22 Panels Comic Art Show 2014.

Keep updated on the event over at the 22 Panels blog.

22 Panels 2014

Sunday 26th October 12:30pm
Poly Bar

Creativity and Comics with EdieOP

22 Panels 2014 LogoAn informal workshop exploring the creative side of comics, where you can create your own comic/zine. Edie will present some basic bookbinding, allowing you to stitch your own book together, and then discuss different ways that you can use panelling within the page or text placement.

Edie will also be incorporating a short ideas generation activity into the workshop, for those who want to create a comic but struggle with the ideas process.

Suitable for adults or children / any skill level.

Limited to 10 places. Tickets: £4 (plus £1 Poly Fund)

Part of the 22 Panels Comic Art Show 2014.

Keep updated on the event over at the 22 Panels blog.

22 Panels 2014

Sunday 26th October 1:00pm

The Men Who Laugh: David Hine & Mark Stafford Panel

22 Panels 2014 LogoJoin Chris Thompson (Orbital Comics, Pop Culture Hound) as he explores the wild and woolly world of David Hine, Mark Stafford and their various collaborations. Be seduced by their Strange Embrace as they draw you into their Bad, Bad Place, discussing inspiration, process and execution.

David Hine is a prolific writer, well-known for his creator-owned books Bulletproof Coffin with Shaky Kane, Storm Dogs with Doug Braithwaite and The Man Who Laughs with Mark Stafford.

Mark Stafford is the cartoonist in residence at the Cartoon Musuem, co-creating Cherubs! with Bryan Talbot and The Man Who Laughs with David Hine, amongst many other inky odds and sods.

Chris Thompson is a writer, podcaster and speaker, hosting the popular Pop Culture Hound podcast and by day working as Events Manager at Orbital Comics in central London.

Tickets: £3 (plus £1 Poly Fund)

Part of the 22 Panels Comic Art Show 2014.

Keep updated on the event over at the 22 Panels blog.

22 Panels 2014

Sunday 26th October 3:00pm

Comic Book Slumber Party Presents!

22 Panels 2014 LogoA panel introducing the latest Comic Book Slumber Party anthology and the talented creators behind it! Guests include Donya Todd, Sarah Burgess, Lize Meddings, Lucie Ebrey, and will be chaired by CBSP’s own Hannah K Chapman.

Comic Book Slumber Party is a comics collective promoting the bad-ass babes in the comics industry through their events and anthologies.

Donya Todd is an illustrator, painter and comic artist who recently had her graphic novel ‘Death & The Girls’ published by Blank Slate Books. She takes her inspiration from the magical, marvellous and macabre.

Sarah Burgess has recently completed a 900 page webcomic, which is currently in the midst of being printed into book form. Her stories focus on emotional exploration and “dramallama”.

Lize Meddings is the creator of the Sad Ghost Club, an animal loving illustrator who enjoys leaves, plants, animals with antlers and the colour pink.

Lucie Ebrey is a comic artist in her final year of studying illustration at Falmouth University. She draws a diary strip every day on top of other comic projects.

Hannah K Chapman is the founder of Comic Book Slumber Party and Graham Cracker’s Ladies Night (Chicago). By day she works at Gosh! Comics in London and by night writes regularly for Forbidden Planet International and OffLife.

Tickets: £2 (plus £1 Poly Fund)

Part of the 22 Panels Comic Art Show 2014.

Keep updated on the event over at the 22 Panels blog.


Monday 27th October - Tuesday 28th October

Two Days, One Night

Dir: Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne – BELGIUM/ITALY/FRANCE – 95mins (15) (S/T)

The latest from the Palme D’Or winning Dardenne Brothers stars the wonderful Marion Cotillard as Sandra, a woman in a precarious position when she goes back to her job after a leave of absence.  Her employer has given her colleagues a stark choice – they can either have Sandra back or carry on without her and each receive a bonus.  The employer agrees to a vote leaving Sandra with one weekend to convince the majority of her colleagues to sacrifice their bonuses so she can keep her job.

A tense dramatic situation and a subtly magnificent central performance from Cotillard add up to an outstanding movie … impassioned, exciting and moving – a Twelve Angry Men of the 21st-Century workplace” The Guardian


Thursday 30th October 8:00pm

DumbWise Theatre presents: FAUST

DumbWise and Greenwich Theatre present the award winning musical hit FAUST.

In DumbWise’s slick and stylish re-telling of Goethe’s classic, a young man sells his soul for fame and fortune, embarking on a musical spree of corruption and sin. Accompanied by a dark outsider, Faust tears his way through a God fearing community, setting his sights on the innocent but irresistible Gretchen, sparking a cacophony of chaos, calamity and murder. Poetic verse and stunning visuals collide with a masterful score of folk and blues songs, orchestrated live by an actor-musician cast.

DumbWise have adapted FAUST into an energetic and thrilling new musical for modern audiences. With their signature combination of live musicianship and dynamic storytelling, and a colorful soundtrack of original songs, FAUST is a truly unique theatre experience.

DumbWise are a highly acclaimed emerging theatre company that specialise in actor-musician adaptations. With the award winning FAUST and the sell-out revival of The Matchgirls at Wiltons Music Hall, they are fast becoming one of the finest and inventive actor-musician companies in London, and now offer their work on the national touring circuit.






Friday 31st October 7:30pm

Halloween Sci-Fi Double Bill: The Fly

As part of the BFI’s Sci-Fi Season: Days of Fear & Wonder, the Poly is proud to present:

Two classic Sci-Fi Horrors to celebrate Halloween.

Doors open at 7pm

7:30 Introductory talk by Neil Fox, Film Lecturer, Falmouth University – THE FLY (1986) Dir: David Cronenburg (18) (92 mins)

A blackly funny film that is almost a satire about man’s ego and vision of dominating nature, were it not for the horrific physical terror of  seeing this folly unfold, or should that be peel, before our very eyes.

Interval: Adjourn to the bar for a Sci-Fi cocktail followed by screening of DEMON SEED.

Ticket Prices -£6.50 Full & £5 Concessions – if you book for both films – £11 Full & £8 Concessions (plus £1 Poly Fund per ticket)

Special 02 price – £5.50 or £9 for both films (plus £1 Poly fund per ticket)

Sci-Fi 2014 Logo (Black Background - Large)


Friday 31st October 9:45pm

Halloween Sci-Fi Double Bill: Demon Seed

As part of the BFI’s Sci-Fi Season: Days of Fear & Wonder, the Poly is proud to present:

9:45  Introductory talk by Dario Llinares, Senior Lecturer, Film, Falmouth University – DEMON SEED (1977) Dir: Donald Cammell (15) (90mins)

Demon Seed is a classic 70s Sci-Fi that certainly relies on its ideas rather than its special effects. Released in the same year as Star Wars you couldn’t find a more different example of the genre. The film deals with the encroachment of technology into our everyday lives and posits the notion of the singularity when Artificial Intelligence overtakes human control. But these themes are explored in dramatically human way with Julie Christie excellent in conveying terror of technological attack on the body.

Post film: Final visit to the bar before venturing out into the witching hour.

Ticket Prices -£6.50 Full & £5 Concessions – if you book for both films – £11 Full & £8 Concessions (plus £1 Poly Fund per ticket)

Special 02 price – £5.50 or £9 for both films (plus £1 Poly fund per ticket)


Sci-Fi 2014 Logo (Black Background - Large)


Saturday 1st November 8:00pm

Lloyd Langford Live

A brand new stand up show about being bamboozled by the modern world. Perennial grouchy young man Lloyd Langford is annoyed by quite a few things. And he’d like to tell you about them. If you’ve ever been annoyed by advertising, fashion, other people, electrical equipment, porn or pandas then there’ll be something here for you. Join Lloyd for a show jam-packed with gags, anecdotes, gripes, grievances, riffs, character assassinations and occasional exasperated pleas to the sky. It’s a cracking night of stand up comedy for you. And a sort of therapy for him, I guess.

Radio Academy Award Nominee 2014 (Best Comedy, Here Be Dragons)

“Langford has funny bones. It’s wonderfully rare to see a comedian so relaxed and honest with his audience.” **** The List

“One of the sharpest comedic minds on the circuit.” The Guardian

As seen on Ask Rhod Gilbert (BBC1), Dave’s One Night Stand (Dave), Don’t Sit In The Front Row (Sky Atlantic), Russell Howard’s Good News (BBC3) and Comedy Store Live (Comedy Central). As heard on The Unbelievable Truth, The Now Show, The News Quiz, Everyone Quite Likes Justin, Wordaholics (BBC Radio 4). Writer for Never Mind The Buzzcocks (BBC2).


Monday 3rd November - Tuesday 4th November

The 100-Year Old Man who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared

Dir: Felix Herngren – SWEDEN – 114mins (15) Sub-titled

Based on the internationally best-selling novel by Jonas Jonasson, this quirky black comedy has already been a huge hit at the box office in Sweden.

It concerns an explosives expert who climbs out of the window of his retirement home on his 100th birthday, deciding it’s never too late to go on an adventure.  Along the way he picks up a suitcase full of cash (amongst other things and people), and we discover that his life has been connected to some of the biggest events of the 20th century.

This uplifting, crowd pleasing entertainment is a road movie, a character study, a wild adventure and black comedy all rolled into one.


Friday 7th November 1:00pm

Dr. Anthony Phillips: The Bible’s Creation Accounts: Theology or Science?

Dr Phillips will examine the Bible’s account of the origins of creation. The so-called seven day creation account has been used to reject the theory of evolution. He will put this creation account into the context of the older Eden narrative and will explain how it fits into the development of the emergent history of Israel. While the accounts include contemporary scientific observations, this is not their purpose since they are theological, not scientific, statements. This lecture will seriously analyse the Creationism debate.

Anthony Phillips was born in Falmouth where he qualified as a solicitor.  After briefly practicing in London, he read theology at King’s College, London where he was awarded a first class degree.  He obtained his PhD from Cambridge University. He was ordained in 1967 and was successively Dean, Chaplain and Fellow of Trinity Hall, Cambridge and Chaplain and Fellow of St. John’s College, Oxford.  In 1986 he was appointed Headmaster of the King’s School, Canterbury.  He retired back to Cornwall in 1996. He has written a number of books, and has lectured and broadcast widely. He is an ex-Chairman and life Vice-President of the Poly.

The Poly Bar will be open from 12.30 p.m. for drinks. Why not bring a pastie or a sandwich with you, so you have food your body, as well as food for thought?


Saturday 8th November 8:00pm

Tony Law: Enter The Tonezone

Dive into the zone of Tone for a brand new show of life-affirming, life-changing comedy from the multi award-winning nonsense-maker.

As seen on Have I Got News For You, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, 8 Out Of 10 Cats, The Alternative Comedy Experience, Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe and more. Following a sell-out tour and mammoth West End run in 2013, Mr Tony Law is striding back out on tour this Autumn with a brand new show.

Tony is an Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee 2012, Chortle Best Live Show Award winner 2013, Chortle Best Club Comic Award winner 2013 and Chortle Best Breakthrough Act Award winner 2012.

Takes stand-up to a dangerously funny new level” - The Guardian

 Chaos has rarely been so finely constructed and this much fun” - The Times

A whole heap of ludicrous fun… One of the finest, funniest stand-ups around” - Time Out

 One of the most delightfully zany and disconcerting comedians around” - The Telegraph

www.showandtelluk.com | @MrTonyLaw | @show_and_tell



Monday 10th November - Tuesday 11th November


Dir: Martin Provost – FRANCE – 139mins (15) Sub-Titled

A haunting and beautiful biopic of French novelist Violette Leduc.  Set in Paris in the final years of WW2, when Violette is living with writer Maurice Sachs, who isn’t in love with her but readily encourages her remarkably fearless and confessional writing.

Becoming part of Simone de Beauvoir’s circle, she develops a deep love for the iconic writer and philosopher, and de Beauvoir rewards Violette’s trust by introducing her to other contemporary cultural figures including Satre, Cocteau, Genet and Camus.  Forcing herself to continue writing despite setbacks, the success of her best seller memoir La Bâtarde in 1964 enables her to envisage a life supported by her writing.

Gorgeously shot and acted, this is a profound and imaginative examination of an artist whose sexually honest, directly emotional writing was ahead of its time.

A beautiful true-life character study that does elegant justice to a largely unheralded writer.” Empire Magazine


Tuesday 11th November 7:30pm
Poly Bar

Local History Talks – The Enys Estate

Brought to you by Falmouth’s Local History and Research Group

A presentation by local historian Terry Chapman giving insight into the fascinating history of the house, gardens and owners of the and future plans for the Enys Estate.

The Enys Estate has been owned by members of the influential Enys family since the 13th century. The Estate encompasses the house and outbuildings as well as 30 acres of gardens featuring a range of plants and woodland areas as well as the famous bluebell meadow. Recent developments have included the establishment of a history room where visitors can find out more about the Enys family, the gardens and the house.

7pm in The Bar for a 7:30 start.

£5/£4 concessions (plus Poly fund £1)  Book early. Limited to 40 seats.

Come early for a drink and comfy seats.


Wednesday 12th November 7:30pm

A Night at the Cinema in 1914

Dir: Various – UK/USA – 85mins (12A)

Marking the centenary of the start of World War 1, this glorious miscellany of comedies, adventure films, travelogues and newsreels recreates a typical night out at the cinema in 1914.  These may well have played at The Poly as we started screening films here in 1910.

Among the highlights of this programme of 14 short films are a quirky comic short about a face-pulling competition, a sensational episode of the American film serial The Perils of Pauline, an early aviation display, scenes of suffragettes protesting at Buckingham Palace and Allied troops celebrating Christmas at the Front.  There is also an anti-German animation and an early sighting of one of the cinema’s greatest icons.

The BFI have commissioned composer and pianist Stephen Horne, one of Britain’s leading accompanists of silent film to create a new improvised score which reflects the time and spirit in which the films were made.



Monday 17th November - Tuesday 18th November

Grand Central

Dir: Rebecca Zlotowski – FRANCE – 94mins (15) Sub-titled

Disquieting, smartly scripted, and rounded out by a talented cast, Grand Central is a remarkable achievement for this first-time director.

Gary, played by Tahar Rahim, an unskilled young man, lands a job as a decontamination sub-contractor at a nuclear power plant in the lower valley of the Rhone. Inducted into the workforce by supervisor Gilles and veteran Toni, Gary discovers that radiation contamination is not just a risk factor but an everyday hazard. At the same time, he begins an illicit affair with Karole, the fiancée of Toni.

Totally gripping, with an edge of delirium; the locations within the power station are positively Kubrickian; there’s a disquieting electronic score and Tahar Rahim gives a very open, generous performance.” Peter Bradshaw The Guardian


Thursday 20th November 8:00pm

Keith James – Time Let Me Play


A dynamic and emotional collection of Dylan’s most cherished Poems, meticulously set to music by one of this country’s most singular and critically acclaimed performers. A synthesis and re-imagining of this precious body of work. Realising its beauty, anger, shame and humility. Words from where the very core of human spirit lives.

Keith James, well known for his emotive performances and his unrelenting passion for irresistible, weighty prose to be at the forefront of his music. This is a concert of Dylan’s honest and binding poems, set into song and embarking on a new journey.

Also included are Keith’s unique and passionate settings of Poems by Pablo Neruda, William Blake, Federico Garcia Lorca, Isabel Allende and Leonard Cohen.

Some of the most atmospheric and emotive music you will ever hear’  The Independent

 ‘Amongst the best of innovative re-imaginings of the writer’s work’  The Telegraph

 ‘Musicians brave enough to make the music they really believe in. Keith James is one of these’ Bob Harris BBC Radio

www.timeletmeplay.co.uk    www.keith-james.com

Ticket prices: £12 (plus £1 Poly Fund)




Friday 21st November 7:45pm

The Oggymen

The Oggymen have built a strong reputation for their tight harmonies and rousing performances. Delighting both visitors and locals with their interpretation of Cornish and contemporary folk songs they have won a legion of fans.

Tonight’s performance reunites the 12 strong group with some of their talented friends to create an unforgettable evening of music and humour that will captivate every Cornish heart.


Saturday 22nd November 7:30pm

Sound & Cinema: Diary of a Lost Girl

The next screening in our silent film season with the Cornwall Film Festival is The Diary of a Lost Girl with a specially composed soundtrack performed live by WURLITZA.

Fast moving and at times shocking, Diary of a Lost Girl traces the story of Thymian, played by the mesmerising screen idol Louise Brooks, as her life yoyos between episodes of lightness and innocence, darkness and despair.

Moments of great comedy involve life in a reform school for fallen girls headed by a villainous nun, and a modern dance lesson with an incompetent buffoon.

This gripping film defies convention, confounding expectations as joy and compassion are found in the most unlikely places.

Cornish band Wurlitza’s latest soundtrack has taken over two years to create, and includes music by Django Reinhardt, Fun Boy Three, Portishead, Wire, Chopin, Beethoven, Leonard Cohen, the Magic Numbers, Billie Holiday and the Doors.

Wurlitza’s sound is eclectic but always beautiful, sensitively co-ordinating the music with the action of the film. Every part of the performance is live, with no pre-recorded material at all.

With five musicians and a soundman, Wurlitza’s musical line up uses four part harmonies, piano and keyboards, classical and steel guitars, bass guitar, clarinet and mixed percussion.


From previous films;

I loved Wurlitza’s pop to classical mix” – Badaude, the Guardian.

What I particularly admired was Wurlitza’s skill in fitting the music to the films from both a timing point of view but also choosing just the right type of music. Whistling Take Five was a masterstroke!” – Nick Bailey, Classic FM

 A musical and visual treat that is not to be missed.” – Paul K Joyce (Composer/Producer)

logo-bfi-film-audience-network-1000x750_0grey CFF logo




Monday 24th November - Tuesday 25th November

Jersey Boys

Dir: Clint Eastwood – USA – 134mins (15)

Clint Eastwood’s big screen version of the Tony Award winning musical tells the story of the four young men from the wrong side of the tracks in new Jersey who came together to form the iconic 60s rock group The Four Seasons.  Their trials and triumphs are accompanied by the hit songs that influenced a generation, and are now being embraced by a new generation of fans.

“A classy affair that goes beyond schmaltz and nostalgia.” The Independent.




Wednesday 26th November 7:30pm

The Thing

As part of the BFI’s Sci-Fi Season: Days of Fear & Wonder, the Poly is proud to present:

7:30 Introductory talk by Neil Fox, Film Lecturer, Falmouth University.

Followed by screening of THE THING (1982) Dir: John Carpenter (18) (129 mins)

One of the great paranoid films about the ‘other’, the fear that you don’t really know, that ‘perceived’ viruses can take root, changing those closest to us into something terrifying.

Sci-Fi 2014 Logo (Black Background - Large)


Thursday 27th November 7:30pm

Henrietta Boex: Jib-Booms and Bobstays – The Evolution of Maritime Painting

We intend this to be the first in a series of joint lectures between the Poly and the Falmouth Art Gallery.  The evening will also include the screening of a short film on The Poly’s Tuke Collection.

There are three main traditions in Maritime painting – ships’ portraits, historical re-enactments and topography. The artists divide between the formally trained and Pierhead Painters, who were often sailors. Henrietta Boex is the Director of the Falmouth Art Gallery and will examine the evolution of these traditions, with particular reference to artists with Falmouth links.

At sixteen, Henrietta began her art history studies in Paris attending a ‘Cours de Civilisation’ during which time she became an impassioned admirer of Bonnard and as a consequence has never worn sun glasses – no doubt a foolish move. A stint in Australia where she then fell in love with the work of Arthur Streeton and Sidney Nolan was followed by administration of various arts festivals in St Ives, Bristol and Bath. She has also worked in antique furniture restoration. She describes her life as a series of tacks across the great sea of life and so at forty she went off to Plymouth School of Architecture  to study Architectural Studies with Heritage Studies and rejoices in the fact that she was the only person ever to get this qualification from that organisation. This led to project management consultancy which led to Porthcurno Telegraph Museum where she helped deliver their new £3m museum redevelopment project. The job at Falmouth Art Gallery is her dream job and brings together the many strands of her interesting and varied life. She has one grown up son and cooks in Danish.


Friday 28th November 7:30pm


As part of the BFI’s Sci-Fi Season: Days of Fear & Wonder, the Poly is proud to present:

7:30 – Introductory talk by Dario Llinares, Senior Lecturer, Film, Falmouth University.

Followed by screening of ROLLERBALL (1975) Dir: Norman Jewison (15) (115 mins)

An amazing combination of sci-fi and sports film, Rollerball is another 70s classic that explores themes that still resonate today. The film is a satire on how violent spectacles keep citizens distracted while corporate elites control global decision-making (sound familiar?). James Caan plays superstar rollerballer Jonathan E whose fame gives him the potential power to question the entire system. Rollerball is an ambivalent film, which moves between the notion of utopia/dystopia and the action sequences are fantastic in convincingly capturing a future sport that is the opiate of the masses.

Sci-Fi 2014 Logo (Black Background - Large)


Saturday 29th November 11:00am
Poly Bar

Manga Drawing Workshop with Keith Sparrow

To celebrate the Poly’s screening of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, author and artist Keith Sparrow will be holding an open manga workshop/drawing session for aspiring and experienced manga artists alike to flex their artistic muscles! Grab pens, pencils, anything you want and come and get drawing – be a mangaka! Keith will help you bring your favourite anime and manga characters to life on the page, with advice and tips on all areas of drawing from keeping a sharp pencil to linework and shadows.

Keith has written six books about drawing manga, including his latest title, ‘Manga Now! How To Draw Action Figures’ out now on Search Press. He is currently working on a follow-up title on drawing Mecha & Monsters.

Suitable for all ages / skill levels. Limited to 15 places.Manga cover.lo



Saturday 29th November 2:30pm

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Dir: Mamoru Hosoda – JAPAN – 98 mins (12)

As part of the BFI’s Sci-Fi Season: Days of Fear & Wonder, the Poly is proud to present:

An award-winning anime from director Mamoru Hosoda, loosely based on the 1967 novel of the same name by Yasutaka Tsutsui, in which a schoolgirl discovers she has the ability to literally leap through time and relive moments of her life.

Makoto is an average teenage girl who enjoys playing baseball with her best friends Chiaki and Kosuke. After inadvertently crushing a strange walnut-like object, she discovers she can transport herself back in time by leaping into the air. These “time-leaps” allow her to change small events of her daily life, such as avoiding being late, getting good marks on tests and going on a karaoke session for hours.

Makoto’s manipulation of events soon starts to effect those around her and she finds herself using time-leaps to prevent awkward situations; avoiding a romance with Chiaki while helping Kosuke to develop a relationship with another student. But the problems only seem to mount, heading towards a disaster that even Makoto cannot stop, and an astonishing revelation from someone close to her…

Before the screening, local Manga artist Keith Sparrow will be running a workshop on Drawing Manga Characters.

We are very excited to be working with Uncooked Media for this event, who are offering a FREE copy of NEO, the UK’s leading manga and anime magazine, for the first 50 attendees to THE GIRL WHO LEAPT THROUGH TIME on Saturday 29 November. These magazines will be given out on the day, on a first-come first-serve basis.


Saturday 29th November 7:30pm

Sci-Fi Double Bill: THX1138

As part of the BFI’s Sci-Fi Season: Days of Fear & Wonder, the Poly is proud to present:

7:30 – Introductory talk by Kingsley Marshall, Head of Film & Television, Falmouth University.

Followed by screening of THX1138 (1971) Dir: George Lucas (15) (82 mins)

The first film to emerge from American Zoetrope, a brand new movie studio established by George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola at the end of the 1960s, THX1138 was the feature debut of Lucas, and was itself based upon a short shot four years earlier in his final year of University of Southern California’s film school. Perhaps ironically considering his future output, he later stated that it had been his intention to react against the fantastical elements of science fiction with what he referred to as “science fact”, his film drawing its influence from European films such as Jean-Luc Godard’s Alphaville and Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey rather than the comic book heroism which continued to dominate the genre.

Interval:  Adjourn to the bar for a Sci-Fi cocktail or two before second film starts at approximately 9:30pm

Ticket Prices -£6.50 Full & £5 Concessions – if you book for both films – £11 Full & £8 Concessions (plus £1 Poly Fund per ticket)

Special 02 price – £5.50 or £9 for both films (plus £1 Poly fund per ticket)

Sci-Fi 2014 Logo (Black Background - Large)


Saturday 29th November 9:30pm

Sci-Fi Double Bill: Primer

As part of the BFI’s Sci-Fi Season: Days of Fear & Wonder, the Poly is proud to present:

9:30 – Introductory talk by Kingsley Marshall, Head of Film & Television, Falmouth University.

Followed by screening of PRIMER (2004) Dir: Shane Carruth (12) (77 mins)

Another debut, Shane Carruth’s first movie was also born in the 1970s, drawing influences from the conspiracy movies of Alan Pakula’s Paranoia Trilogy – Klute, The Parallax View and the All the President’s Men – in that small revelations give a sense of the wider plot. Carruth has stated that, “the way I enjoy a story to be told is without a lot of exposition,” with his mind-bending time travel drama requiring you to pay attention to the details. The temporal disconnection of the characters presents science as a corrupting force, which works to undo their values and morality. It won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance, not bad for a film shot for $7000 by crew of five.

Final visit to the bar for drink and post film discussion.

Ticket Prices -£6.50 Full & £5 Concessions – if you book for both films – £11 Full & £8 Concessions (plus £1 Poly Fund per ticket)

Special 02 price – £5.50 or £9 for both films (plus £1 Poly fund per ticket)


Monday 1st December - Tuesday 2nd December

Mood Indigo

Dir: Michel Gondry – FRANCE/BELGIUM – 94mins (12A) Sub-titled

French writer/director Michel Gondry returns to his wild, imaginative and romantic roots. Colin (Romain Duris) is living a colourful life in Paris – he’s wealthy, he enjoys the company of his offbeat friends.  One day he meets the elegant Chloe (Audrey Tatou) and the two tumble into a whirlwind of jazz-dancing, ice-skating, city-sweeping romance.  They fall in love and get married but are suddenly confronted with the news of Chloe’s strange illness – she’s begun to grow a flower inside her lungs.

Gondry examines the joys, turmoil, and poeticism of love by creating another imaginative, evocative world coloured by elation and heartache, as he did in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Science of Sleep.

Mood Indigo revels in the magic of cinema, and in the power of love to create a protective bubble that can keep the real world at bay. Once again, Gondry has managed to make a film that has both a unique approach and a universal resonance.” Mark Kermode


Friday 5th December 7:30pm

Northern Soul

Dir: Elaine Constantine – UK – 102mins (15)

Focussing on the musical phenomenon that took hold of the north of England’s youth culture in the 60s and 70s, this is an authentic, uplifting drama about two friends whose horizons are expanded forever by their love of black American soul music.

Covering all aspects of the scene – the obsessive record collecting, energetic dancing, emotional roller-coaster all-nighters and the seductive, irresistible cool music, with a very danceable, high octance soundtrack.  The film depicts a generation of young people losing themselves in songs from another country and gives a real flavour of the euphoria of youthful escapism and self discovery.

Completely infectious.

Followed by Northern Soul music DJ set in the bar.


Saturday 6th December 8:00pm


A truly magical night for all your friends and family as the musical/comedy/dance duo from Redruth perform ALL their hits including 3 brand new songs for 2014.

Fresh from supporting Rhys Darby from Flight of the Conchords on his UK and New Zealand tours, as well as their own sell-out show at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe, this is going to be one heck of a show!


Monday 8th December - Tuesday 9th December


Dir: Pawel Pawlikowski – POLAND/DENMARK 80mins (12A)

Shot in luminous black and white, this graceful and haunting drama explores the life of Anna, an orphan brought up in a convent in Poland.  Just before taking her vows, Anna visits her only living relative, her mother’s sister, for the first time. Aunt Wanda informs Anna of her Jewish heritage; her original name, Ida; and of her parents’ murder during the Nazi occupation.  The two women embark on a journey into the wintry countryside to find the parents’ unmarked graves, where dark secrets are unearthed.

Powerfully written and eloquently shot, IDA is a masterly evocation of a time, a dilemma, and a defining historical moment; IDA is also personal, intimate, and human. The weight of history is everywhere, but the scale falls within the scope of a young woman learning about the secrets of her own past. This intersection of the personal with momentous historic events makes for what is surely one of the most powerful and affecting films of the year.


Tuesday 9th December 7:30pm
Poly Bar

Local History Talks – The Mysterious Loss of The Darlwyne

Brought to you by Falmouth’s Local History and Research Group

The Mysterious Loss of The Darlwyne – A Cornish Holiday Tragedy.  A presentation by researcher and author Martin Banks about the tragic loss of this pleasure cruiser in 1966.

Almost 50 years ago, a boat full of men, women and children left Mylor for a day trip to Fowey little realising that none of them would survive the voyage. Described as one of the worst civil maritime tragedies in modern times, the sinking of the Darlwyne is still shrouded in mystery as the wreck was never found and the bodies of only 12 of the 31 people on board were ever recovered.

St Just author Martin Banks has carried out extensive research into the tragedy and recently had his book, The Mysterious Loss of The Darlwyne: A Cornish Holiday Tragedy, published.

7pm in The Bar for a 7:30 start

£5/£4 concessions (plus Poly fund £1) Book early. Limited to 40 seats.

Taking place in the Poly Bar.  Come early for a drink and comfy seats.



Wednesday 10th December 8:00pm

Luke Daniels – What’s Here, What’s Gone

“Good folk songs are like powerful ideas, forcing us to re-imagine who we are and the institutions that support us.”

Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Luke Daniels has forged a reputation over the past two decades as one of the British folk scene’s most respected musicians.  Both as front man, on a remarkable series of albums in his own right, and as an in demand melodeon player for the likes of Ian Anderson, De Dannan, Riverdance and as a regular in The Cara Dillon band.

Over the course of a twenty-year career Daniels has performed at The London Jazz Festival, The Royal Festival Hall and festivals in the UK and internationally. Luke also worked alongside Howard Shore and The London Philharmonic Orchestra as a soloist on the movie soundtracks for Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

Daniels is one of the UK’s most gifted and inventive musicians and having found a new voice as a singer songwriter, is excited to be taking his contemporary acoustic folk in a new direction.

Intense, poetical and oft dark yet recounted through pleasing melodies. A rich tapestry has been woven into the songs; like a thoughtful unpicking and re-stitching of life’s journey. R2 Magazine


Friday 12th December 6:30pm

Squashbox Theatre presents: The Christmassy Christmas Show of Christmassy Christmasness!

Squashbox Theatre’s new show is a celebration of everything Christmassy, from fir trees, fairy lights, sleigh bells and snowflakes to crackers, carols, presents and puddings!

Meet a snowman who lives in the fridge, try and spot some naughty elves, play hunt the Brussels sprout, endure the world’s worst Christmas jumper and gaze at the “beautiful” Christmas fairy…

Learn about Yuletide traditions old and new, hear the story of the first Christmas Tree and even explore some festive science.

The Christmassy Christmas Show of Christmassy Christmasness! is an over-stuffed stocking of seasonal surprises crammed with puppets, songs, quizzes and comedy, and over-flowing with crazy characters, silly slapstick, tall tales and fantastic facts – all presented in that unique Squashbox style!


“Craig has a huge sense of joy and fun that is as inspiring as it is infectious. An engaging entertainer to be treasured.” The Cornishman

60 min long; suitable for children aged 5+ and their families


Monday 15th December - Tuesday 16th December

Effie Gray

Dir: Richard Laxton – UK – 100mins (12A)

Emma Thompson, wrote and stars in this compelling drama which explores Victorian social and sexual mores in the true story of Effie Gray, excellently played by Dakota Fanning.

A scandalous true story of the troubled relationship between Victorian art critic John Ruskin (Greg Wise) and Effie, his teenage bride. After marrying at the tender age of 19, Effie quickly realises her marriage is a lie when Ruskin refuses to consummate it. Yearning for affection, she soon falls for the charms of the artist John Everett Millais. Desperate to be freed from John, Effie embarks on a life-changing journey to become one of the first women in history to seek a divorce from her husband, making her an everlasting figure in feminist history.

Thompson’s intelligent screenplay explores the truth and is a handsomely shot, brilliant performed film with a fantastic ensemble cast.


Tuesday 16th December - Saturday 20th December

Sing-along: Frozen

Dir: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee – 102mins (PG)

A chance to see this fantastic family film from last year on the big screen – but this time it’s SING-ALONG.

“Frozen” is the coolest comedy-adventure ever to hit the big screen. When a prophecy traps a kingdom in eternal winter, Anna, a fearless optimist, teams up with extreme mountain man Kristoff and his sidekick reindeer Sven on an epic journey to find Anna’s sister Elsa, the Snow Queen, and put an end to her icy spell. Encountering mystical trolls, a funny snowman named Olaf, Everest-like extremes and magic at every turn, Anna and Kristoff battle the elements in a race to save the kingdom from destruction.

The film won Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song, and won the Golden Globe and BAFTA for Best Animated Feature Film.

Now it’s your turn to sing along to the songs of this new Disney classic.

Glorious family entertainment.

 Due to popular demand we have added two additional screenings: Tuesday 16th December at 4pm & Saturday 20th December at 6:15pm.


Friday 19th December 6:30pm

It’s a Wonderful Life

Dir: Frank Capra – 1946 – 130 mins (U)
Whether or not you believe in angels, this is a wonderful movie and a Poly Christmas tradition.
The stylish direction of Frank Capra and the winning charm of James Stewart lift this film into all-time-classic status.
It’s officially not Christmas until you’ve seen it!


Tuesday 23rd December - Saturday 3rd January

Miracle Theatre presents: Dr. Livingstone, I Presume?


Miracle deftly combines its own inimitable style with the wonder of Victorian Music Hall to tell the story of one man’s obsession to discover the heart of Africa and transform an entire continent singlehanded – AND of a woman left behind…

Both a hurrah to courage and endurance and a swipe at the 19th century ideals of imperialism, chauvinism and hypocrisy, this curious slice of history is served up as a magnificent melange of musicality and melodrama.

This entertaining expedition into unknown territories of comedy, excitement and musical gaiety will enthral audiences of all generations.


“An evening of essential silliness” The Stage, Frankenstein! 2012

Had face ache when I got in from laughing and smiling so much” Audience feedback, Frankenstein! 2012

Written by Steve Clarke and Bill Scott

Cast: Holly Cassidy, Ciaran Clarke, Benjamin Dyson & Giles King


Dates: 23rd, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th December, 2nd, 3rd January:  7.30 p.m. & 27th December & 3rd January: 2.30 p.m.

Ticket prices: Adult £12 in advance –  £14 on the door /Concession; over 65, disabled & under 26  – £10 advance  – £12 on the door

Children £8 under 16’s  in advance & on the door / Family £35 in advance & £37 on the door ( 2 adults & 2 children)

Plus £1 Poly fund on every ticket.