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Thursday 10th March 7:30pm

Dance Show 2016

A student-led dance show by students and dance societies from the universities of Falmouth and Exeter. The show will feature dances from the ballet society, ballroom society and tap society and much more including solo dances and guest dances from JTPA dance studios, Truro. All proceeds made from the dance show will be going to charity.

Wednesday 23rd March 7:30pm

Cscape Dance Company present: Taste

Tea; how do you take yours?

Milk no sugar? Milk in first? No milk at all?
Builders, Earl Grey… Herbal?
What’s behind or choices?  What defines our identity? Do we really fall into social tribes and if so how far up the social ladder is our tribe?  Can we climb higher?

A delicious romp of a show inspired by the tapestries of Grayson Perry, and relishing in our national obsessions with social class and the cultural extremities of food, fashion and style.

Blending theatre, dance, writing and music and brought to you by choreographers Sally Knight (Cscape) and Neil Paris (Smith Dance/Fabulous Beast) with writing by Murray Lachlan Young (BBC Radio), TASTE explores what defines our identity and ponders the intricacies behind our choices.  A dance show with a difference that’s as refreshing as a nice cup of tea!

Tickets: £11* Adult / £9* Concessions | Schools offer: £7* per student / Buy 9 tickets get 1 FREE (please email dot@thepoly.org).

*Plus £1 Poly Fund