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Wednesday 1st June 7:45pm

Cafe Scientifique: Quo Vadis?

The Falmouth Cafe Sci evening for 1st June 2016 will be not a talk, but a conversation.

The event that we had hoped to set up for this evening, using the live streaming technology that we used for the Positive Money talk,  is not going to be ready in time; and it’s best not to rush.  So instead, I suggest that we have a conversation, a discussion with any who choose to participate, on where the Cafe Sci is at, after exactly three years now of running in Falmouth again.

Is the range of talks right? Should we continue to experiment with new technology? In a world of MOOCs, TED talks, and vast amounts of on-line teaching and inspirational material, what do we come together of an evening for?

And more interesting still, perhaps, where does the Cafe Sci sit, at a time when the Poly is about to get a new Director, and there was talk at the Poly AGM about the possibility of a wider role or remit, for what is, after all, formally the Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society?

If you have thoughts on any of these issues, you could just come along and have a chat over a beer, or a glass of wine.


Thursday 9th June 7:30pm

Dr. Innes McCartney: Jutland 1916 – The Archaeology of a Naval Battlefield

The Battle of Jutland was the largest naval battle and the only full-scale clash of battleships in the First World War. For years the myriad factors contributing to the loss of many of the ships remained a mystery, subject only to speculation and theory. Marine archaeologist and historian Dr Innes McCartney reveals for the first time what became of the warships that vanished on the night of 31st May 1916, examining the circumstances behind the loss of each ship and reconciling what was known in 1916 to what the archaeology is revealing today. (more…)