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Monday 27th June - Tuesday 28th June

Love & Friendship

Dir: Whit Stillman – USA – 92mins (U)

A deliciously sharp comedy, based on the Jane Austen novella ‘Lady Susan’ and set in the 1790s.  A tale of matchmaking and heartbreaking, centred around beautiful young widow Lady Susan Vernon (Kate Beckinsale).

The scheming Lady Susan pays a visit to Churchill, her in-laws’ estate, while waiting for social chatter about a personal indiscretion to pass. Whilst there, aided and abetted by her loyal friend Alicia (Chloë Sevigny), who’s married to upright killjoy Mr Johnson (Stephen Fry), she decides to secure husbands for herself and her long-suffering daughter Frederica.

But the arrival of two men at Churchill, handsome and eligible Reginald DeCourcy and wealthy Sir James Martin severely complicates their plans.

Stillman is on top form here with a gloriously witty and acerbic tale of romance and realism.

“Jane Austen has never been funnier” The Telegraph

Monday 4th July - Tuesday 12th July

Florence Foster Jenkins

Dir. Stephen Frears | UK | 110 mins | cert PG

This comedy drama directed by Stephen Frears (Philomena, The Queen) tells the inspirational true story of the eponymous New York heiress who obsessively pursued her dream of becoming a great singer. The film celebrates the human spirit, the power of music and the passion of amateurs everywhere.

The voice Florence (Meryl Streep) heard in her head was divine, but to the rest of the world it was hilariously awful. At private recitals, her devoted husband and manager, St Clair Bayfield (Hugh Grant), managed to protect Florence from the truth. But when Florence decided to give her first public concert at New York’s Carnegie Hall, St Clair realised he had perhaps bitten off more than he could chew.

The film’s supporting cast members include Simon Helberg (The Big Bang Theory) as Florence’s long suffering piano accompanist, Rebecca Ferguson (Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation) and Nina Arianda (Midnight in Paris).

Wednesday 6th July 7:30pm

Versus: The Life And Films Of Ken Loach

Dir. Louise Osmond | UK | 93 mins | cert 12A

VERSUS presents a surprisingly candid behind-the-scenes account of Ken Loach’s career as he prepares to release his latest feature film I, DANIEL BLAKE, later this year.

Director Louise Osmond was granted exclusive access on set and uses this as a starting point to look at Loach’s career, from his first job as understudy in a Kenneth Williams revue to ground-breaking TV dramas like Up The Junction and Cathy Come Home and later as an award- winning feature director of films like Kes, Riff-Raff, The Wind That Shakes the Barley, and The Angels’ Share. As well as inter-views with Loach, Osmond talks with a host of his friends, adversaries, actors and collaborators.

This year will see Ken Loach celebrate his 80th birthday, release his 50th major work and commemorate Cathy Come Home’s 50th anniversary in November. VERSUS  is more than just a document of Loach’s work but a playful study on the process and struggles of creating such a unique body of work.

I, DANIEL BLAKE won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

Monday 11th July - Tuesday 12th July

I Saw the Light

Dir. Marc Abraham | USA | 123 mins | cert 15

I SAW THE LIGHT tells the story of the iconic, tormented singer-songwriter Hank Williams who revolutionized country music with his raw charisma, haunting voice and original songs, most of which are considered American standards today and have been recorded many times over by pop, rock and country artists alike.

Hank Williams (Tom Hiddleston) emerged from the local Alabama music scene after World War II. Wife Audrey (Elizabeth Olsen) was desperate to sing by his side despite being of lesser talent, which fueled an extremely turbulent home life. But Williams’ ability to write songs covering a wide range of emotions, using his own personal troubles as inspiration, became the essence of country music. In the end, he realized his dreams: hit records, a place on Nashville’s prestigious stage and radio show the Grand Ole Opry and even guest spots on the then-new medium of TV.

Wednesday 13th July 7:30pm

The Measure of a Man

Foreign Language Film at The Poly

Cannes LogoDir. Stéphane Brizé | France | 93 mins | cert PG

At the age of 51 and after twenty months on unemployment, Thierry (Vincent Lindon) starts a new job in security at a supermarket that soon brings him face to face with a moral dilemma. How much is he willing to accept to keep his job is the central question that Measure of a Man (La Loi du Marché) tries to address.
Cesar Logo

For his role as Thierry, Vincent Lindon – who was the only professional actor in the film – was awarded the Palme for Best Actor at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, as well as the Cesar for Best Actor in 2016, the French equivalent of the British BAFTA.


Friday 15th July 7:30pm

Miles Ahead

Dir. Don Cheadle | USA | 100 mins | cert 15

MILES AHEAD, inspired by events in his life, is a wildly entertaining, impressionistic, no-holds barred portrait of one of 20th century music’s creative geniuses, Miles Davis, featuring a career defining performance by Oscar® nominee Don Cheadle in the title role. Working from a script he co-wrote with Steven Baigelman, Cheadle makes his bravura directorial debut.

In the midst of a dazzling and prolific career at the forefront of modern jazz innovation, Miles Davis (Cheadle) virtually disappears from public view for a period of five years in the late 1970s. Alone and holed up in his home, he is beset by chronic pain from a deteriorating hip, his musical voice stifled and numbed by drugs and pain medications, his mind haunted by unsettling ghosts from the past.

A wily music reporter, Dave Braden (Ewan McGregor) forces his way into Davis’ house and, over the next couple of days, the two men unwittingly embark on a wild and sometimes harrowing adventure to recover a stolen tape of the musician’s latest compositions.

Monday 18th July - Tuesday 2nd August

Our Kind of Traitor

Dir. Susanna White | UK / France | 107 mins | cert 15

While on holiday in Marrakech, an ordinary English couple, Perry (Ewan McGregor – THE IMPOSSIBLE, THE GHOST) and Gail (Naomie Harris – SPECTRE, SOUTHPAW), befriend a flamboyant and charismatic Russian, Dima (Stellan Skarsgård – AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO), who unbeknownst to them is a kingpin money launderer for the Russian mafia.

When Dima asks for their help to deliver classified information to the British Secret Services, Perry and Gail get caught in a dangerous world of international espionage and dirty politics. The couple is propelled on a perilous journey through Paris and Bern, a safe house in the French Alps, to the murky corners of the City of London and to an alliance with the British Government via a ruthless and determined MI6 agent (Damian Lewis – HOMELAND).

From the writer of DRIVE adapting the hit John Le Carré novel – the mind behind TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY and directed by acclaimed Susanna White – this taut thriller twists and turns its way around the world with dramatic consequences.

Wednesday 20th July 7:30pm

Where To Invade Next?

Dir. Michael Moore | USA | 119 mins | cert 15

Where to Invade Next is an expansive, rib-tickling, and subversive comedy in which Moore, playing the role of “invader,” visits a host of nations to learn how the U.S. could improve its own prospects. The creator of Fahrenheit 9/11 and Bowling for Columbine is back with this hilarious and eye-opening call to arms. Turns out the solutions to America’s most entrenched problems already exist in the world — they’re just waiting to be co-opted.

‘Moore has made an act of guerrilla humanity.’ ★★★★                        Owen Gleiberman, BBC

‘Hopeful and celebratory’ ★★★★ Joshua Rothkopf, Time Out

‘Eye-opening and playful’ Dave Calhoun, Time Out

‘Witty, moving, brimming with passion and purpose’ ★★★★ Kevin Harley, Total Film

‘A tremendously funny voyage’ The Independent

‘One of Moore’s best films. A surprisingly endearing set of suggestions for a better tomorrow.’ Eric Kohn, Indiewire

‘Impassioned. Where to Invade Next offers hope and is Mr. Moore’s most far-reaching film.’ Stephen Holden, The New York Times

‘Hilarious and revelatory’ Gay Times

Monday 1st August - Tuesday 2nd August

Tale of Tales

Dir. Matteo Carrone | France / Italy / UK | 125 mins | cert 15

Hailed as a masterpiece at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, Tale of Tales is a sumptuous, seductive and macabre re-telling of Giambattista Basile’s classic Italian fairy tales by renowned director Matteo Garrone (Gomorrah, Reality).

Comprising three wildly fantastical stories, including a queen who gives birth after eating a sea monster’s heart, an old peasant woman who finds youth after falling asleep in an enchanted forest and a proud king who raises a flea as his child, these are tales that your parents never dared tell you. Set in an epic landscape filled with a host of bizarre characters (played by a stunning ensemble cast of Salma Hayek, John C. Reilly, Vincent Cassel, Toby Jones and Stacy Martin), this outlandish, grotesque and beguiling fantasy world is like nothing you’ve seen before.

Gloriously shot, with a spine-tingling soundtrack by Oscar-winning composer Alexandre Desplat (The Grand Budapest Hotel, Rust & Bone), Tale of Tales is a lavish production from the makers of High-Rise and Sexy Beast. Deliciously dark, wickedly funny and outrageously entertaining, these adult-only fairy tales are a breathtaking work of cinematic escapism.

Monday 8th August - Tuesday 9th August

Golden Years

Dir. John Miller | UK | 96 mins | cert 12A

With a hugely entertaining cast including Bernard Hill (Lord of the Rings, Titanic), Virginia McKenna (Born Free, Sliding Doors), Simon Callow (Four Weddings And A Funeral, Amadeus) and Sue Johnston (Downton Abbey, The Royale Family), GOLDEN YEARS is a heist film like no other.

Fate, the pensions crisis and a steadfast refusal to accept the injustice of old age have contrived to force law abiding, retired couple, Arthur and Martha Goode into a life of crime.  Refusing to take the loss of their pensions lying down and to fade away into their declining years, Arthur and Marta decide to fight back. They decide to take back what was theirs in the first place. They decide to start robbing banks.