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Sunday 29th May 8:00pm

Near-Ta presents: Sing For The Poly!

The 24 Hour Musical is back!

Get ready for the musical experience of a lifetime, featuring a cast of performers from the community! The twist? The entire cast is auditioned and rehearsed in 24 hours! This show will be nothing without YOU, and everyone who auditions will be cast! Whether you’re an actor, a singer, a dancer, all three or none, it’s set to be a fun and funny weekend, so please come along and take part! The show is currently being prepared by a crack team of writers and directors, with expert musical direction and choreography also on board:

Ciaran Clarke (Near-Ta Theatre, Canvas Theatre Company): Producer & Co-Writer

Dan Richards (Owdyado Theatre, Near-Ta Theatre): Director & Co-Writer

Cat Lake (Miracle Theatre): Musical Director

Hannah Stephens: Choreographer

Georgia Gendall: Set Design

And the musical itself? Well, you’ll just have to come along and see…

The schedule is as follows:

Saturday 28th May:

9am -12 noon: Auditions

12 noon -1pm: The directors cast the show

1pm – 2.30pm: Read-through

2.30pm – 8pm: Rehearsals

Sunday 29th May:

9am – 7.30pm: Rehearsals

8.00 p.m.: Performance!

This is a fund-raising event on behalf of The Poly.  

Friday 10th June 7:30pm

Tin Can’s One Night Stand

Local new theatre company Tin Can bring you the cream of variety performance, with extracts from the great musicals, classic comedy, classical drama and so much more – all ably hosted by lookylikey A La G. This show will showcase the company’s talents and is the culmination of two year’s very hard work.


Saturday 11th June 6:30pm

Something Underground Theatre presents: A Good Jew

1938: Sol & Hilda are musicians with the Frankfurt Sinfonietta. They’re in love. So what?
Hilda’s father is a Nazi and Sol is a Jew. The assassination of the German ambassador in Paris by a Jew is enough for Hitler to unleash his attack dogs. The November Pogrom, Kristallnacht, is followed by deportations, murders  and expropriation of Jewish-owned properties.
As the war takes hold, both Sol and Hilda must make terrible choices.
His mother’s fatal advice: “Survive. At all costs”, so both Sol and Hilda are forced to make terrible choices.
Multi Award-winning company. Www.somethingunderground.co.uk

Recomended age: 14+

Saturday 18th June 7:30pm

Trebiggan Productions presents: The ZigZag Way

by Anita Desai adapted for the stage by Pauline Sheppard

It’s 1910, and young Cornish couple Betty and Davey travel to the gold and silver mines of Mexico, unaware of the perils they will face. Aside from the mining itself, there’s unrest between the natives and the incomers, and a whiff of danger is in the air. Wind forward 100 years, and Eric, an uncertain young American, arrives in Mexico on a curious quest for his Cornish roots, unprepared for what he will find. Led by Huichol Indian guides, he journeys to an old mining village on an unlikely path of self-discovery, and soon finds himself in another world…

The Zigzag Way is a gripping story which winds through cultures and across time, from Cornwall to Mexico, to paint a picture of love, revolution and sacrifice.  Blending humour with pathos and past with present, this haunting and arresting tale finally leads you to a night where the veils that separate life and death are lifted and the illusion of time is broken: Dia de los Muertos – the Mexican Day of the Dead.

Combining strong ensemble playing and physical inventiveness with a cracking tale, this is story-telling at its most colourful, visual and touching.



Friday 1st July 7:30pm

The Last Baguette presents What’s The Matter?

A quantum comedy about love in the subatomic world

An unexplained cat theft from a physics laboratory leads scientist Smithy on a journey through his own experiment into the subatomic world. The situation becomes charged and it is impossible to stay neutral. Can he find the cat and win over his colleague Sarah in the process? Will the outcome be positive or negative?

As seen at the British Science Festival, a sci-fi adventure through the strange and wonderful world of quantum physics. Featuring physical comedy, scientific slapstick, and a search for Schrodinger’s cat. Be prepared for a very silly show about a very intelligent subject.

The Last Baguette makes fast-paced, irreverent comedy theatre, and after performing in France, Switzerland and Canada, are now company in residence at the Pound, Corsham. What’s the Matter? was written by Tiffany Woodsmith (winner of the Sunday Times playwriting award 2004, dramaturg for The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha – The Stage Award winner 2014), directed by Susana Alcantud, devised by the company.

The gags roll one after another – the laugher is non-stop” Reg’Arts magazine, Paris, on Dracula

Made at the Pound, Corsham with support from Dr Helen Heath from the University of Bristol.

Tuesday 26th July - Saturday 30th July

Young Generations presents: Monty Python’s SPAMALOT

Falmouth’s award-winning musical youth company is delighted to be staging  Monty Python’s SPAMALOT.  The Young Generation put on its very first performance in 1982 and this year will be the company’s 38th major musical production at the Poly.  Book early to avoid disappointment, because Young Generation shows always sell out!



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Thursday 4th August

Kernow King is Trevithick!

Trevithick! is a biographical comedy that will light a fire in your bellies, bring joy to your heart and set your brain whirring like a four way valve on a steam engine. This is the true story of a man who was as much an artist and magician as he was an engineer.

Born in Tregajorran in Cornwall, Richard Trevithick revolutionised the use of steam as a successful and profitable means of energy, much to the annoyance of his rivals.  Industrial developments were rife with competition, fear, accidents and death  in 1800 Great Britain, but it was Trevithick’s passion and genius that led to steam power being put on rails and roads- the first trains and cars.  Although it was never easy.

Trevithick! is ‘bursting’ with music, comedy and facts and still relevant to the world we live in today. It  accurately brings to the stage the story of a man who was so dedicated and obsessed by engineering, he left his family in Cornwall whilst he mined in South America for eleven years.

Trevithick! is the gripping story of not just one of Cornwall’s greatest sons, but one of the greatest men in history, steeped in accolade and loved by many but who’s life was tinged with tragedy.

“Sometimes I imagine myself to be my statue down Camborne, gazing out over those roundabouts… watching the cars, lorries and motorbikes bombing along. The ingenuity in all that machinery going on… the pistons, the pumps, the fumes, the exhausts, the fuel… it’s all so easy now.”

Directed by Kneehigh’s Associate Director Simon Harvey, starring Kernow King and much loved actress, Mary Woodvine.