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29 July

The Future Of ...You: Summer School (POSTPONED)

Four days of future-themed creative workshops and exhibition-making for 9-13 year olds attending local primary and secondary schools. 

The workshops will run from Monday 29th July to Wednesday 31st July. The exhibition will be built on Thursday 1st August, with a Private View and performance in the evening. The exhibition will be open to the public on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd August.

There will be six workshops led by a team from the Creative Mentors Foundation and the whole event will take place in the Main Gallery of The Poly. 

In a nut shell, the workshops are:

*** THE FUTURE OF YOU: Learn about labyrinths. Imagine what might happen in your future. Who will you meet? What kind of adventures will you have? Design and build a labyrinth about your journey.

*** THE FUTURE OF PRECIOUS LITTLE THINGS: We love our phones, our watches, our jewellery, all our precious little things. What will they look like in the future and what will they be able to do?

*** THE FUTURE OF SOUND: Do you ever listen closely? What does Falmouth sound like now? What might it sound like in the future? Make your own soundscapes and wrap them in sculpture.

*** THE FUTURE OF EDUCATION (A MUSICAL): Using the songs you like, make up new words that tell us how the way people learn is going to change. Will anyone have to go to school? Will we all have our own robot teacher? Turn your ideas into a Musical in 3 days and perform it in the Theatre on the 4th day.

*** THE FUTURE OF WORDS AND MEANINGS: Make amazing posters out of words and shapes you cut out of old magazines. Join the words together into mad poems or song lyrics. Make some new words up for the future.

*** THE FUTURE OF LIFE ON THE EDGE: Build giant inflatable sculptures and make them breathe. You’ll be able to see inside them. Collect things or make things to put inside that you think are really important for people to hang on to when the world is changing.

For more information please click below:

The Future Of... You (POSTPONED)

Monday 29th July - 1st August 10.30am - 3.30pm

Cost: Flexible pricing, £10, £30, £50 (plus £1 Poly Fund) please select the price band to suit you.

Check times : Book now


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