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27 July

Wilding with Pre-Recorded Q&A (PG)

Dir. David Allen | 2024 | 75 Mins plus pre-recorded Q&A 

A long-awaited film of Isabella Tree’s best-selling book, Wilding, which has been translated into 8 languages and won many major world literary prizes.  

Inheriting a run-down estate, and having little money, Isabella and Charlie gambled everything on a new concept, “re-wilding.” They simply guided the 1,400 acres to go back to nature. To bring back life to the hard-packed, barren soil ruined by centuries of over-farming, the couple introduce wild ponies from nearby Dartmoor, let deer wander, and allow herds of pigs to root, break up the soil and roam free. Now cows, sheep and pigs live and breed outdoors year round with little husbandry – or overhead. The stunning cinematography that captures grand, misty sunrises on the farm, along with close-ups of the doves, beavers and storks that have returned to the estate, makes this film an absolute joy. 

With pre-recorded Q&A from Isabella Tree the protagonist of the film, and author of the book the film is based on.  

Wilding with Pre-Recorded Q&A (PG)

Friday 12th July, 7.30pm

Saturday 27th July, 7.30pm

Tickets: £9.00/£7.50/£7.00

A £1 Poly Fund payment is added to each ticket sold.

Purchase a copy of Wilding by Isabella Tree at Falmouth Bookseller and receive a 10% discount code for a ticket to see the new Wilding Film showing at The Poly on both 13th June and 3rd July.  They have 2 versions of the book: here & here, purchasable both online and in person. 


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