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28 June

Ernesto Pescini: Visible Invisible

Cornwall and Storms are Ernesto's core inspiration. He describes air and water talking to him in their multiple forms. Whirlwind, hurricane tails and magnetic interference are all ingredients he uses to create a visual menu and much more. Each storm wave or cloud, or a drop of water, are all living intelligence playing with us. Ernesto describes it as learning to feel, to delve deeper in our existence and listen to the unspoken words. Forget day to day life and allow yourself to start a different journey - into the unknown that is part of Creation. 

The principle of the exhibition is a vision of what are not normally aware of or see - a view of what's going on beyond our vision of 3D life. There are other dimensions and more life than we can possibly imagine. There are entities and highly evolved souls flying around and everywhere. We can see them in clouds formations. We receive messages at all time, but to many of us these messages seem like nonsense and many people simply cannot be bothered to look further and find out their hidden meaning. 

In this exhibition, Ernesto offers an opportunity for more. His work changes colours with the light. It all depends on the source, any bulb will show a different colour. Shadows in the morning or evening light from outside will give an unexpected look. Ernesto views his paintings as live works not decorative ones. Those lucky enough to purchase a piece of his work will experience, at length, something completely different. Ernesto describes this as ".. a huge energetic wave, a true bombardment has started to hit this planet years ago. Things will change dramatically. These paintings will give an idea of a tidal wave that is an energetic push to challenge all of humanity. Paintings are not just a vision they are a dream at times, a living experience in those few minutes whilst looking at them." 

The paintings on display are created with a technique Ernesto has perfected over the years - using acrylic on plywood and Da Vmci synthetic brushes for the best smooth results. 

Facebook: /ernestopescini


Exhibition open: Tuesday 28th June to Saturday 2nd July 2022 FREE ENTRY


Please wear a face covering (unless you are exempt), thinking social distance, and sanitise your hands on arrival. 



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