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Theatre // Coming up // The Deathly Shallows
6 March

The Deathly Shallows

Aaaaaargh, Pirates and pantomime. A classic combination that has only been waiting for the perfect script and performance to raise it to the highest of artforms, finally melding breathtaking drama, eyeclenching sets and chest splitting hilarity with the tears of Shakespearean tragedy. 

Sadly it must wait a little longer, while Cornwall’s healthcare amateurs take to the stage again, responding to the audience reviews of last year’s heartstopping production of Cinders. “One of the better performances I saw that night” one member said, after a small bribe. Laugh, weep, doze off? We don’t care, because all proceeds go to charity!

Contains Adult humour

CHOUGHS Presents: The Deathly Shallows

Wednesday 6th -Friday 8th March 7.30pm

Flexible Tickets*: £10 / £15 / £20

A £1 Poly Fund payment is added to each ticket sold.

*Flexible Tickets:

Some events at The Poly use a Flexible Ticket Pricing Scheme. We use this system to make our events as accessible as possible, you can decide what to pay according to your means, no questions asked. 

The different ticket prices do not indicate a difference in viewing experience, sound quality or mean you are sat in a different seating zone.




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