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13 April

Costumed Life Drawing: Fantasy

Step into a world inspired by Fantasy from Tolkien, C.S. Lewis to George R.R. Martin. 

In this costumed life drawing session, we will be reaching new heights as after much planning we will be welcoming a tall Ent type creature into our space giving you the chance to work at a whole different scale of shape and proportion, but watch out there might be a goblin about! 

This session is untutored and suitable for ages 12 +, all being well there will be two models in costume for you to capture including one on stilts. 

Make sure to bring your choice of drawing materials- anything from pen and paper, to oils, inks or even an ipad. 

This is an untutored session, suitable for all ages and levels and is a great way to spend your Saturday between 11:00-13:00. Poses will be between 1-10 mins. 

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What is Life Drawing?

Life drawing or figure drawing is the drawing with pencil, ink, charcoal, paint or whatever you choose of a figure from life. Most often associated with drawing the human form nude you can also draw clothed or our case costumed models. 

What is Costumed Life Drawing?

The biggest difference with costumed life drawing is that the model has clothes on, you will be able to see how material or armour clings to the body or how a sword held. For our classes we like to expand beyond the costume our model wear but bring a character to life for you to draw. 

Why do it?

There are many reasons to do life drawing. One of the most common reasons is that it will make you a better artist. By practicing your art, you can develop your skills, style and confidence. These relaxed classes will let you really focus in on the form in front of you and allow you to work on what interests you most. 

Do not be put off if you have never tried life drawing before, this can be your introduction. Maybe you are the next Da Vinci just waiting for the right moment.

Costumed Life Drawing: Fantasy

Saturday 13th April 11am - 1pm

Tickets: £6 + £1 Poly Fund & £8 + £1 Poly Fund 



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