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16 August

Kensuke's Kingdom (U)

Dir. Neil Boyle & Kirk Hendry | 2023 | 84 Mins | English Language 

Kensuke’s Kingdom tells the epic adventure of Michael, a young boy who sets off with his family on a sailing trip of a lifetime. But excitement soon turns to terror when a violent storm erupts and Michael and his dog Stella are swept overboard, washing up on a remote island where they struggle to survive. 

Michael eventually discovers he is not alone when he is confronted by a mysterious Japanese man called Kensuke who has lived there secretly since World War Two. The boy and the old man are initially suspicious of each other, but when dangerous invaders appear on the horizon, it’s clear Michael and Kensuke must join forces to save their fragile island paradise.

'At its heart Kensuke’s Kingdom is a film about how much we need each other, and about our responsibilities, not only to other people, but to all the creatures we are marooned with on this little island we call Earth.' Directors Neil Boyle and Kirk Hendry

'What I want the audience to take away from the film of Kensuke’s Kingdom is how important love is between people and between ourselves and the planet. It's a story about reconciliation, old and young, them and us, ourselves and the world about us, which comes through the sensitivity of Michael, but also through the wisdom of Kensuke, and the relationship between the two.' Author Sir Michael Morpurgo OBE.

Kensuke's Kingdom (U)

Friday 16th August 11.00am

Tickets: £8.00/£6.50/£6.00/£4.00

A £1 Poly Fund payment is added to each ticket sold.


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