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13 June

WAVELENGTH: An Exhibition showcasing six artists Inspired to Create

Wavelength has a common theme, all six artists joined together because they are inspired to create.  Each artist provides a unique way of expressing their artistic flare, working in differing mediums. This exhibition offers ruggedness of stoneware, delicacy of porcelain, bespoke turned Cornish hardwood and yew.  Four painters inspired by our natural world offer a diverse range of paintings using varied techniques and mediums. Each piece of art presented is unique and individual.

All six artists presenting their varied works of art are hobbyists. Over many years these artists have been enjoying experimenting. Capturing atmospheres, a play of light on water, splendours of our natural world, unusual effects using colour and techniques. The beauty of wood, grain and finishes. Clay and porcelain, glazes and designs.  They have all enjoyed hours on an adventure of discovery working in their chosen mediums. Wavelength is opportunity for their work to be highlighted. The four painters are members of the Falmouth Art Society Group.

Sandy Hatcher - I started painting later in life, inspired by capturing the wonders of our natural surroundings. The range of my work is diverse as I love experimenting with colour and techniques, letting my imagination lead me through the painting.

Julie Watson - I've always experimented with various mediums, different colours and techniques to get exciting unusual effects. This means that every painting I produce are completely unique. 

Jude Duckworth -  I live in Falmouth, where I work en plein air and in my studio.
I'm inspired by the wildness and ever-changing moods of the sea and coast, and the natural environment in this beautiful place and I'm fascinated by the play of light on water. 

Nicola Moss -  A member of Falmouth Arts Society, I enjoy the challenge of painting diverse subjects especially nature in any medium. I have completed a number of commissions. Cornwall is such a wonderful place for artists, there’s no end to the beautiful scenery, to inspire a painting even when the sun is not shining!  

Caroline Gilliatt - I've been potting for a few years, both hand building and throwing on the wheel. Enjoying both the ruggedness of stoneware and the delicacy of porcelain, I decorate using a variety of techniques in an endless, fascinating adventure of discovery. 

Gordon Fielder – Turning Cornish hardwood and local yew into bespoke items, to bring out the best of the grain and figure. All my woodwork is finished using food and toy safe oils and waxes.

WAVELENGTH: An Exhibition showcasing six artists inspired to create

Exhibition open: Tuesday 13th to Saturday 17th June 2023 FREE ENTRY


Please think social distance, and sanitise your hands on arrival. 



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