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12 July

Landscape Take 5

Landscape Take Five is a story of five artists who turn toward the landscape for inspiration for their work and have come together to exhibit at The Poly. The landscape and countryside are the starting point for their work, and each artist develops their ideas in their chosen medium of ceramics, textiles, paint, ink and print.  By the use of these different mediums, this exhibition gives the viewer an insight into how each artist approaches the subject of the environment and landscape.

The five artists exhibiting in the LANDSCAPE TAKE FIVE exhibition all work in different mediums but with a common interest in the landscape and countryside of Cornwall.

SALLY COLE’s work encompasses several mediums and techniques, from the traditional disciplines of relief printmaking, specifically Wood Engravings and Lino Prints, through to the freedoms of mono print and various methods of more experimental work, messing and blurring definitions, etching lino, mixed media and encaustic painting and back again to the more traditional and representational ways of painting. Motivation comes mostly from the landscape, when fleeting views imprint on her mind. She is also fascinated by found objects and the undergrowth, getting lost in drawing of the tangles therein.  

The hand-built vessels by KAREN NEEDHAM are made with Vulcan Black Clay and stoneware clays with additional layers of unpredictable lava glazes and traditional glazes. Many hours of testing the glazes have enabled Karen to share the narrative of the Cornish landscape and can be observed in her ceramics.

From the ruggedness of Karen’s ceramics, ANNE RICHARDS brings the moors alive transposing ideas into beautiful textured images using several techniques.  She combines hand dyed fabrics and threads with hand and machine surface stitching. 

MARY TAYLOR's foundation for her work is the love of the rugged landscape. She is fascinated by the layering and structure of the land and likes to work from small areas rather than a panoramic view, the shape of rocks on the beach, the bare trees in winter and the pattern and colours of fields in the different seasons.  She works by deconstructing and intuitively reassembling the landscape without losing all recognition of a place.  Each piece of work is a journey, evolving and developing gradually using various mediums, the result being an abstracted landscape.

SARAH TREWHELLA is intrigued by the life and death cycles, the seasons and natural plant and animal forms. The beautiful environments of the Lizard and Helford River areas inspire her work. She has a fascination with the minuscule creatures and living organisms that form part of the food chain and are all so bound together existing in the natural habitats that surround her and which she loves. She enjoys painting in acrylic Inks with their fluidity taking on a movement of its own accord, which leads into something else unexpected. 

Instagram : @landscapetake5       FB: Landscape Take 5


Sarah Trewhella, Karen Needham, Sally Cole, Mary Taylor, Anne Richards.

Exhibition open: Tuesday 12th July to Saturday 16th July 2022 FREE ENTRY


Please wear a face covering (unless you are exempt), thinking social distance, and sanitise your hands on arrival. 



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